Amidst the freezing wind, when the temperature is below 5-degree Celsius, in the northern part of the country, a major festival is celebrated. They name it “Lohri” which marks the goodness of winter crops “Rabi.”  You can even take it as the bonfire festival that is celebrated in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and some part of Delhi. People gather around the bone fire, singing the folk songs and dance on the beats of Bhangra.

The bonfire brings relief in the coldest month of India. Not just this, Lohri also holds a lot of cultural and economic significance in the state of Punjab. Being the land of five rivers, Punjab is one of the most agricultural areas of the country which is signifying the beauty of India.

Legends of Lohri also say that it signified to the date when a brave man used to rescue women from the abductors in the Mughal era and get them married to the men of the villages. He looted the rich and distributed the money among the poor and even gave money to those who married the women. Two of the women who got married were Sundri and Mundri, and you can hear the word Sunder Munderyie Ho! In the songs sung around the bonfire.

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