About Us

Welcome to Beauty of India. Our website presents places and an extensive overview of the amazing beauty of India, which is something different and motivational for a change. In here, you can share your experiences about different beautiful places where you have visited in India. We also help people to easily find the places by searching the experiences about others of that place so that they can get an idea about that place and make their journey much more exciting as well as interesting.

Why we are here?

We are here to share your experience so that other people can also get some benefit and idea about that place and they can make their journey more enjoyable. With the help of your travel experience shared with us, we enlighten other travelers about particular trips/places that help them make their minds and then make better preparations.

We believe that more and more travelers know about the places where they are visiting, the more people will enjoy their trip and the least adverse effect their existence will have. Our website provides a crystal clear reality check of all the tourist destinations.


Our vision is to spread knowledge among people all around the world about the beautiful places which they never visited with lots of scenic beauty.


Our mission is to cover all the beautiful places around the country, providing scenic pictures and details about those places. We also aspire to motivate young travelers to not only share their exciting travel stories, but also inspire people to visit new places.