Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is situated on the southeastern coast of India and it is the 7th largest state in India. The state was earlier divided into two parts, one of which became Telangana. Hyderabad is a shared capital between Telangana and Andra Pradesh at the moment. The largest city in the state is Visakhapatnam which is popularly known as the financial capital of the state. Telugu is the native language spoken in the state which was referred as ‘Italian of the east’ by the Britishers in the colonial period. This state also has a long coastline which gives birth to several beaches.

Kuchipudi is the classical dance form which has been a part of the culture since the 10th century. This state is famous for its rich cultural heritage and it has various religious pilgrimage destinations like Srisailam temple, Tirumala temple, Shahi Jamia masjid, Nagarjuna Konda, Tirupathi, etc. The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple which is located in Tirupati has over 18.25 million visitors every year and it has become one of the most visited religious sites in the world.

The state is blessed with beaches, hills, caves, forests, temples, wildlife, etc. It is referred as the Koh-i-noor of India. Lambasingi, a village in Vishakhapatnam is known as the Kashmir of South India because of the snowfall in this region due to its location which is at a high sea level. The state has Indian Cobras which is the most venomous snake in India.

From an agricultural perspective, Andhra Pradesh is the “rice bowl of India”, because a large amount of the rice produced in India is obtained from this state. There is also a huge production of eggs in the state. Two unique textile art forms are practiced here which is called Machilipatnam and Srikalahasti Kalamkari. Golconda, near Hyderabad, was popularly known for the diamond mining. Many kinds of diamonds are found in this area. Potti Sriramulu is the father of the state as he lost his life while fasting to achieve the state of Andhra.

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