Chhattisgarh is located in the central part of India and it has historical significance, exquisite wild life, Sanctuaries, National parks, cavern, waterfalls, and much more. It offers an unforgettable experience as it has many tourist attractions. Raipur is its capital which is a fast growing commercial city. The state is rich in minerals as it has 28 types of different minerals.

Hindi and Chhattisgarhi are the major languages spoken in the region. It was earlier a part of Madhya Pradesh until Nov 1, 2000. Chitrakoot waterfalls located in Bastar district is considered as Indian Niagra Falls at the time of monsoon. The Bhoramdeo temple built in the 11th century is located in Kabirdham district which is also called Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh as it has erotic scriptures. The region has mining industries and huge agricultural set-up. Tendu leaves which is used to make ‘bidi’ is produced in this state and it accounts for up to 70 percent of the total production. Still, the economy is mainly driven by the mineral resources available here.

There is geographical evidence of the existence of this state in Mahabharat and Ramayan. The state is surrounded by Mekal, Sihava and Ramgiri mountains and on the other hand, you will also find many historical monuments where you can dwell into the history of India. There is historical significance of few temples like Mahamaya temple, Chandrahasinin Devi temple, Bambleshwari temple and the list is long. People from many states come here to pray and travel. Balrampur hot spring flows throughout the year in Balrampur district. Meet the various tribes there and get to know their culture. Explore the unexplored.