Jakhu Temple, Shimla

Jakhu Temple, Shimla 

Getting its name from Hindi word Yakhsa – mythological characters in Hindu mythology who are a connection among human and gods; Jakhu/Jakhoo is a renowned temple devoted to the monkey god-Lord Hanuman. 

Located at the most elevated top in the hill capital of Himachal, at around 8500 feet in the east of historical edge ground in Shimla, the temple is said to exist from the seasons of Ramayana. 

This temple of Lord Hanuman, the most reliable assistant to Lord Rama is situated in the thick woods of Jakhu hills. The devotees need to cover a steep hill trek of around 2 km to arrive at the temple. The sanctuary can likewise be visited on the back of horses that are accessible on hire at the base of the hill. 

History of Jakhu/Jakhoo Temple – Himachal Pradesh

The temple has an incredible mythological story appended to it going back to the furious fight between Lord Rama and Ravana at Lanka. Over the span of the fight, Lakshmana, the more youthful sibling of Rama got harmed by an arrow of Meghanath, Ravana’s son and lost his senses. He couldn’t be relieved in spite of various endeavors. At that point, a herb specialist disclosed to Lord Rama that Lakshmana must be saved by Sanjeevani herb to be brought from the Himalayas. Hanuman was depended with this life-saving assignment of bringing the herb. 

While going towards Himalaya to get the herb, Lord Hanuman saw sage Yaaku sitting on Jakhu mountain in penance. Lord Hanuman arrived on the mountain to assemble more details about the herb. The mount couldn’t bear the weight of the Lord and sunk to the earth, staying half of its unique size. Having cleared his questions about the herb, the Lord restarted his journey and guaranteed Yaaku to meet him while returning. 

However, on his way back, Lord Hanuman needed to battle with a hazardous evil spirit, Kaalnemi. This took a great deal of time and he needed to take the briefest course to reach Lanka while the sage continued sitting tight for him. Hanuman did not have any desire to make the sage unhappy. So he showed up before the sage and revealed to him the explanation behind not staying faithful to his obligation. As Hanuman disappeared, having pacified Yaaku, an icon of him showed up on the hill independent from anyone else. Yaaku constructed a little temple to honor the Lord’s visit on the hill and kept that icon there. The icon can be found in the temple till date alongside the impressions of the monkey god. 

In the same way as other Hanuman temples in India, the unending number of monkeys can be seen at this temple moreover. These monkeys are commonly extremely serene yet whenever incited can be dangerous as well. Pioneers offer peanuts and bananas to these monkeys which are promptly accepted by them.

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