Jumpin Heights

After reading its name Jumpin Heights, a number of thoughts related to different kinds of jumping may have surrounded your mind. Set up amidst the breath-taking natural landscape of Rishikesh, it is India’s one-of-its-kind and the first Adventure Zone that offers real adventurous activities. The major activities offered here are Bungy Jumping, Giant Swing and Flying Fox.

The famous adventure site was launched by Ex-Captain Rahul Nigam in 2010. He was partnered by his NDA Buddy Col Manoj Kumar in its establishment. They were excited and alacritous to introduce a site that would offer the Indian youth and adventure enthusiasts great adventure sports with International Safety Standards. They were also interested in developing this place on a commercial scale.

This extreme adventure site has changed the perceptions about the organizational safety in India. Another thing both of them wanted to remind the Indians is natural beauty is not something they need to go far for; instead, Indians have it in enormous amount. They just need to acknowledge, cherish and take care of it. Jumpin Heights is a place that differentiates entertainment and real adventure.

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