Krishna Janmashtami

Janmastmi celebrates the earthly appearance of Lord Krishna. Janmasthi is the birth anniversary of one of the most worshiped gods of Hindus. The celebration is carried all over the world when Hindu community gets together and worship Lord Krishna on the eight days of Krishna Paksha (Ashtami).

In most of the year Janmastmi falls on the 25th of August when devotees observe fast during the day, and after 12 am in the morning, everyone takes part in the feast. On this holy day, all the temples are decked with Ras Lilas and Dahi Handi competitions.

One of the famous rituals of Janamastmi is preparing the 56 bhog, including fruit, sweets, and salty delicacies. The celebration varies in the different part of the country, but the enthusiasm with which it is celebrated remains the same.

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