Mizoram is a North-Eastern Indian State which is one of the seven sisters of North East. The meaning of Mizoram is “Land of the hill people”. Aizawl is the capital of this state. It is a pristine state situated along the rows of north-south-running mountain rides. It can take you on an experiential journey which is one of a kind. The culture here is liberated from gender and caste distinctions. The lifestyle is open-minded and modern there.

The state has a rich culture which comprises of their major dance and music forms like Khal Lam, Chai, Chhilam, Sawlkin, etc. Chapchar Kut, Mim Kut, and Pawl Kut are some of the major festivals here which is celebrated with immense joy. The official languages of this state are Mizo, Lakher, Lushai, and Bengali.

The state runs on its own rhythm, The shops and businesses open early morning and by evening everything closes. Some places to visit in Mizoram are Tamdil lake, Saturday street market, Salvation Army temple, KV paradise, Blue mountain, Murlen National Park, Mizoram State Museum and many more.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people here. Some prominent crops that are grown here are paddy, maize, mustard, sesame, potatoes, etc. Some industries of this state are handloom, sericulture, furniture, sawmills, etc. The city is covered with thick cloud and splendid views.

The place is covered with lush forests and it is dominated by vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs, serene lakes, waterfalls, paddy fields, etc. This state was created out of Assam in 1987. There are so many places to go for sight-seeing, you just have to explore.

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