Nainital Lake

The kidney shaped lake situated in the Kumaon region, Nainital Lake is surrounded by Naini Peak in the North West, snow-covered peaks in the North and by Tiffin point in the South West. Though you can experience the stunning views all the time on this lake, the views in the early morning and sunset are just breathtaking. Due to its beauty, charm and natural attraction, the lake has become a well-known tourist attraction in India.

It has been believed that the name of this lake has been derived from the names of the three sages who meditated there. According to the historical myth, they dug a hole there which was filled with water soon after it was dug. And this hole was then named as Nainital Lake. An interesting fact about this lake is a European businessman was highly captivated by the beauty of the Naini Lake and then decided to construct a European colony on its shores.

Due to its amazing scenic beauty and atmosphere, it has become a famous spot for family picnics. One can do boating, long evening walk and can interact with the ducks in the lake to spend his time on this glittering lake.

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