Privacy Policy

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We at Beauty of India respects and understands your privacy and are committed to conserving your safety, which is online by conserving your privacy whenever you visit our website.

Our Privacy policy offers you a full detail regarding your personal information which has been provided to us or any information that we may gather from you. This Privacy policy will apply to how we handle your personal information and you consent to us collect and use your personal information. You must not provide us your personal information if you do not agree with our privacy policy. Due to this, it may affect the services that are being provided by us to you.

  1. Collecting your personal information

We may collect your personal information in the following ways:

  • Information about your visit to our website and any resources used are collected such as location details, traffic details, and any other type of information.
  • Any type of forms which was filled by you on our website allows us to collect your information such sign up form information.
  • If you can communicate with our website due to any reason, then we may collect your information.


  1. Using your personal information

The information which is collected about you will help us improve and offer services that you need. Here is a list that tells you how we use your information:

  • We may use information or allow third parties to use details that is not relevant to services you may be enthusiastic about. We may contact you only if consent has been provided by you based on the details that we collected.
  • Any new user can be contacted by us if consent has been provided through our website. We only send communications that have been consented by you.


  1. Updates to our privacy policy

Our privacy policy updates or change without any notification. Changes will be displayed on our website.


  1. Cookies

A cookie is a file which is placed on your hard disk. When you visit our website, a cookie helps to identify you and store details regarding your use of the website. In cookies, we do not store your personal information and we do not gather personal information from you in the absence of your knowledge as you browse our website. We use cookies on our website for improving your experience to use the website and also for improving our services to you. You should also adjust the settings of your internet browser if you wish to decline cookies.

  1. Security

For security, we take some reasonable steps for:


  • Ensuring that personal information that we collect and use is complete, up to date, relevant, and accurate with respect to the purpose of the use and stored in a safe and secure environment.
  • Implementing electronic, physical, and organizational steps for securing your personal information that we hold from interference, loss, misuse and also from unauthorized access or modification.
  • Update and review our security measures regularly for maintaining the security as well as privacy of personal information that we collect.


Contact us

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