50 Most Amazing Beautiful Places in India that you must Visit

India is full of incredibly beautiful places! Not only TajMahal, but there are an infinite number of beautiful places in India and many reasons for planning a trip to this lovely country. No doubt TajMahal is the most beautiful place, but there are also many other places that make this country incredible.

The great democracy in the planet Earth provides diverse landscapes, different languages, and dialects after every some 100 miles, ruins and temples that date back centuries, monuments and buildings that prompt of its past along with prospering cosmopolitan major cities. You’ll be shocked when you know that there is a lot to do and see in this wonderful nation. Here you’ll go through the 50 beautiful places in India to visit and the reasons to plan a trip a.s.a.p. Let’s have a look beauty of india

Top 50 Beautiful Places in India:

1. Shimla

Shimla is one of the beautiful places in India, having absolute forested hills dropping away in all directions. It is complete of resonances and is just WOW! Shimla is covered with fantastic views of the major Himalayan Mountain and famous seductions like Summer Hills, The Shimla State Museum, Annandale, and many more. Don’t forget to visit Jakhu Temple by ropeway. The view is just awesome from there.

Best time to visit Shimla: March to June is the perfect time to visit Shimla.

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2. Ladakh

Impressively rugged, dry mountains cover this charming, Buddhist ex-kingdom. Want an amazing adventure? Bike trip to Ladakh is the best option. Its spectacular views and unforgettable landscapes are just mind-blowing. Ladakh is an ideal place for your exciting adventurous trip.

Best time to visit Ladakh: May to September is an ideal time to visit Ladakh.

3. Valley of Flowers

Wow! The name is just so good. It is one of the beautiful places in Uttrakhand, India. It is really a haven for botanists and anybody else who adores the beauty of nature. As the name suggests, it has the valley of colorful flowers.

July to September is the right time to visit Valley of Flowers.

4. Auli

Blessed with a generosity of simple charm, Auli is one of the superb places to visit in India. It is popular for its captivating ski retreats and wonderful surroundings. Covered by snowy mountains of the huge Himalayas, this rough land prospers with interesting scenes of graceful lush coniferous forests and oak-fringed inclines.

You can visit Auli throughout the year as it has a pleasant climate all the time.

5. Jim Corbett National Park

If you adore enjoying at some entertaining location or reversing the marvels of age-old architecture at historical buildings, monuments, and museums, Corbett National Park is your perfect destination. Discover this park like never before and explore plenty of hidden jewels of the site.

You can visit Corbett National Park any time in the year.

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6. Agra

This beautiful land still has proof of the huge golden era. This is a wonderful place to visit where you can feel of the worldly legendary architectures. The gift of Mughal kingdom has left a major fort and a liberal blend of impressive monuments and tombs, and there is also a lot of fun to be had in the hustling market sites.

October to March is the best time to visit Agra.

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7. Desert of Jaisalmer

A World Heritage Site, Jaisalmer City is also renowned by the name, The Golden City. You can have the Camel Safari as it proves to be the most delightful and memorable experiences. Explore vibrant villages and the great fascinating culture of Rajasthan.

November to March is the best time to visit the desert of Jaisalmer.

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This city is the most visited by tourists. Don’t forget to visit the royal City Palace and the grand Amer Fort. Jaipur provides the festival for the deluge of musical diversity. Take the elephant ride to have some adventure. Love pottery and leather items? This is the place where you can explore them on display all around the old market of Jaipur.

The perfect time to visit Jaipur is from October to March.

9. Mount Abu

Want to beat the summer heat? Go to Mount Abu. It is well known as the only hill station in Rajasthan and a significant Jain Pilgrimage place. If you love shopping, then it is a good place to visit with attractive options on its platter. It has the highest peak in Aravali range of Rajasthan, the Guru Shikhar. Don’t miss this place!

November to February is the best time to visit Mount Abu.

10. Grand Island, Goa

It is just like its name. Adventure lovers, you shouldn’t miss this as it is one of the most of the best places in Goa. It provides a fantastic experience to the admirers of water activities as it is home to wonderful Scuba Diving sites in Goa. You can also take a day trip for a fantastic snorkeling experience.

Mid-November to Mid-February is the perfect time to visit Goa.

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The city of common man, stalwarts, and dreamers, Mumbai is a colorful blend of 7 islands on the Konkan coastline unites together to make for the mixture, that’s Mumbai tourism. Urban lifestyle, the entertainment industry, business hullabaloo, and excellent Victorian architecture invite you to this dynamic abode.

November to February is the best time to visit Mumbai.

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One of some existing evergreen forests of our country, a renowned hill station, Mahabaleshwar is one of the beautiful places in India along with a honeymoon destination. Literally, heaven in here as it is covered by eye-catching valleys and escalating peaks.

March to June is the perfect time to visit Mahabaleshwar.

13.Mount Abu

It is an awesome place to beat the summer heat as it is the only hill station in Rajasthan and a significant pilgrimage place. Guru Shikhar increases the proud of Mount Abu as it is the highest peak in Rajasthan. You shouldn’t miss Nakki Lake and Jain Dilwara Temples here. It is full of promises.

You can visit any time in Mount Abu as it remains pleasant constantly.

14. Kashmir Valley

With no doubt, Kashmir Valley is the most beautiful place in India. For its snow-filled hills and evergreen mountains, Kashmir Valley is linked with a tag of heaven. You will be pleased by visiting Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Shalimar Gardens, and Shikaras, which are the utmost attractions here. Awesome place it is!

Best time to visit Kashmir Valley is between March to October.

15. Kamshet, Pune

Beauty is Kamshet! Covered by panoramic sights and sunflower fields surrounded by mountains throughout, it is one of the beautiful places of India. For adventure lovers, Kamshet is the destination where you can have a paragliding weekend. Have a happy adventure!

You should visit Kamshet in warm summers and cool winters.

16. Panchgani, Maharastra

Without any doubt, Panchgani is famous for its charm, as it is covered by 5 hills of the Sahyadri hills. It is honored with both coastal plains and hilly terrains providing scenic and dynamic surroundings. It is also said that its air is ideal for rejuvenating and recovering.

Winters and the onset of summers are the absolute time to visit Panchgani.

17. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

Identical to Switzerland’s topography, this charming place offers a beautiful panoramic sight of the snowy peaks, the meadows, and densely populated forests. It is situated in the lap of the Himalayas, 2000 meters above sea level.

Best time to visit Khajjiar is the months of summer.

18. Roopkund Lake, Uttrakhand

The region of Himalaya is blessed with various beautiful high altitude lakes. Roopkund Lake is one of them which catch most of the attention. Probably, it is one of the beautiful places which remain to be charming despite the existence of about 100 skeletons. Read More

September is the best month to visit Roopkund Lake.

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19. Kolad, Maharashtra

Between soft waters and rich green grass, Kolad is an adventure island that will make you experience like a character directly out of Jungle Book. You will be busy with fun games and adventure sports throughout the day. In other ways, it can also be said that it is picturesque and serene. Read More

Best time to visit Kolad is between June to March.

20. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

A gorgeous hill station, Chikmagalur is also known as “coffee land of Karnataka”. In India, it is one of the famous weekend getaways for the people of Silicon Valley. You can give proudly to your eyes by visiting Mahatma Gandhi Park. It is renowned for its lovely vistas. Read More

July to September is the perfect time to visit Chikmagalur.

21. Mysore

Mysore is renowned for its huge structures, monuments and twinkling royal legacy which would make up for a fantastic weekend getaway. It is one of the beautiful tourist destinations having Philomena’s Church, Brindavan Gardens, Mysore Zoo, and many other numerous monuments and churches will capture you for a long weekend getaway.

You should visit Mysore in winters.

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22. Rishikesh

The holy river Ganga is literally breathtaking and amazing which increases the grace of Rishikesh. It is truly spectacular as the surroundings are covered by rich greenery and elegant environment. You can be pleased by visiting Haridwar, Triveni ghat, LakshmanJhula, Shivpuri and many more. Rishikesh is the best place to do river rafting. Have a happy rafting! Read More

Best time to visit Rishikesh is from early March to April to the first week of May.

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23. North Goa

Beautiful North Goa has numerous beaches which provide a rich holiday experience for every traveler. If you are searching for an adrenaline rush, you’ll locate numerous actions on the beaches. Goa cuisine is an amazing mixture of the Portuguese and Konkan cooking styles.

Mid-November to Mid-February is the awesome time to visit North Goa.

24. Lonavala, Maharastra

Lonavala provides pleasing views of the Deccan Plateau on one side and the Konkan coast on the other. The mountain landscape makes it a perfect place for adventure sports like fishing, camping, and trekking. You can visit Lonavala Lake where you can love a day from the natural scenery.

Best time to visit Lonavala is in between October and May.

25. Alibag

Popular for scenic landscape, lively atmosphere, and generous greenery, crystal clear water and sand beach make it a fantastic beach getaway. Covered by sea from 3 sides, it is also known as “Goa of Maharashtra”. Alibag is now the chi-chi address of famous personalities who want to avoid corporate welfare for some time.

Best time to visit Alibaug is from November to July.

26. Coorg

Coorg is the area that is situated among the endless mountains and gifted with acres of farms and emerald murals. Getaway to this beautiful allows you to discover natural ways to experience its beauty and spiritedness of the interesting authentic flavor and taste of traditions, cultures and Corgi lifestyle.

October to March is an ideal time to visit Coorg.

27. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is a year-round seduction that is surrounded by towering peaks in the lush verdant valley of the Beas River. Adventure lovers will definitely enjoy this place as Manali offers mountain biking, rafting, trekking, skiing, paragliding, and many more. Perfect spot for adventurers!

You should visit Manali from October to February.

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28. Backwaters of Kerala

It is a state in southern India which offers eye-catching and lovely backwater stretches. You can rent a boathouse, have a look at the wildlife at Periyar National Park, and can also experience Ayurveda massages.

Best time to experience Backwaters of Kerala is from August to March.

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29. Pondicherry

It is a small town on the southern coast of India that is away from the chaos of urban cities. It is well-maintained with French colonial heritage that displays in its cuisines and architectures. Its gorgeous charm and beautiful beaches impress tourists throughout the world.

October to March is the awesome time to visit Pondicherry.

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30. Jodhpur

Widely renowned as the Blue City of India, it provides a royal feel through temples, palaces, and forts set in the environment of the Thar Desert. It is also popularly known as Sun City because of its sunny and bright weather all around the year.

Good time to visit Jodhpur is from October to March.

31. Meghalaya

Gifted with amazing natural charm, Meghalaya provides spectacular sceneries. It is complete with tourist destinations like Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, and Ward’s Lake. It is one of the beautiful places of India. Give some please to your eyes by visiting Meghalaya.

You must visit this beautiful place between March and July.

32. Loktak Lake, Manipur

The great freshwater lake in northeastern India is popular for its charm and “phumdis”, or distinct floating islands, only to the lake. Manipur also provides rich green hills that are really breathtaking.

October is the perfect month to visit Manipur.

33. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Adored with tea plantations, Darjeeling is really impressive and one of the most visited hill spots in India. Situated in the region of the Himalayas, the beautiful and calm Darjeeling hills impress tourists all around the year.

Best time to visit attractive Darjeeling is from October to March.

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34. Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal

The huge mangrove marsh in the planet Earth is residence to the mighty Royal Bengal Tigers. If you love traveling around dense forests and adventure, then Sunderbans National Park is a perfect place that you are looking for.

You should visit Sundarbans from September to March.

35. Andaman and Nicobar

This is really the ultimate place on the planet Earth. With beautiful places like Port Blair and Havelock, this is popular for striking flora and fauna. The islands are renowned for gorgeous coral reefs and scuba diving. Besides this, you can also go for a banana ride and snorkeling.

Best time to visit this heaven is from October to May.

36. Lakkadi, Kerala

One of the enormous places in Wayanad, Lakkadi offers the gurgling stream, giant mountain peaks, rich vegetation and the bird’s eyesight of the deep valley that are really eye-catching.

Because of the pleasant climate, you should visit this place in winters.

37. Majuli Island, Assam

On the Brahmaputra, Majuli Island is one of the biggest river islands of the planet Earth. It is visited by various migratory birds, making it an awesome place for birdwatchers.

You should plan a trip to Majuli in between October to March.

38. Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha

It is established in the design of huge chariot, having complicated carved stone wheels, walls and pillars. Sun Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has also characterized on several lists of Seven Wonders of India. Read More

Best time to visit Sun Temple is from September to March.

39. Lotus Temple, Delhi

The construction design of this house of worship is known as Expressionist Architecture. This temple brings out the concepts of freshness, purity, and simplicity of the Baha’i trust in his style. Get some calmness by visiting Lotus Temple. Read More

You should visit this place in winters.

40. Dehradun

The places to tour in Dehradun review the strange section of this small time city and here to explore some all-time lovely Dehradun traveler spot. Assan Barrage is the lovely place among natural buffs and bird watchers. Sahastradhara, IMA, and Malsi Deer Park are the perfect places to visit in Dehradun.

March to June is an ideal time to visit Dehradun.

41. Ghats in Varanasi

The calmness and spirituality that exists here, makes it a fantastic place to acquire Nirvana. Various events and festivals take place in Varanasi which exhibits the hardcore culture.

You should visit this oldest civilization in between October and March.

42. Pushkar


You can begin your winters by praying for a calm new year at Pushkar. The Pushkar Lake has huge religious significance, as it is assumed to have been built when Brahma dropped a lotus on earth. This place has some fantastic Italian restaurants. Read More

November and March is the best time to visit this holy place.

43. South Goa

This small heaven on earth is full of contradictions and surprises and it is also known as the party capital of India. South Goa has a huge number of undiscovered beaches, secret spots and obscure caves waiting to be discovered. Other lovely places of Goa incorporate its outstanding seafood, vivacious and friendly locals, and lush Portuguese history.

Mid-November to Mid-February is the perfect time to visit South Goa.

44. Dandeli, Karnataka

Nestled in the lap of Western Ghats, Dandeli is a little town blessed with green jungles residence to the evasive black panther and River Kali. It is a place for white rafting and you can also love tasty and traditional North Karnataka food. It is a heaven for nature lovers.

October to February is an ideal time to visit beautiful Dandeli.

45. Gokarna, Karnataka

It is one of the favorite beaches of India. Gokarna impresses a crowd for a low-key and chilled-out beach holiday. It is a less commercialized and laid-back version of Goa. Most of the accommodation is in thatched bamboo huts with various stretches of joyful coast.

You should visit Gokarna from October to March.

46. Kabini

Kabini provides a vacation between wildlife and greenery at its first. The closest elephant safari, bird watching, and waterfall along with the rich green surroundings of the tropical forests allow making you feel life in its most heart-warming manner. Kabini is contemplated to be one of the best places to feel Karnataka’s nature’s charm.

November to January is the awesome time to visit the natural beauty of Kabini.

47. Dudhsagar Falls

If you think Goa is all about sand, beaches, and mad nightlife, then think again. If you want to see some other side of Goa, then go for Dudhsagar Falls.

October to May is the best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls.

48. Bharatpur, Rajasthan

It is the location for well-known bird sanctuaries in India. It has one of the excellent bird parks around the globe. Besides the unique treat of seeing these elegant creatures, visitors can also include in some filled sightseeing by visiting the some of the greatly cherished places like Krishna Temple, Bashistha Cave, Sita Ram Temple and Harihara Temple.

Perfect time to visit Bharatpur is from October to March.

49. Udaipur

This lake city is really eye-catching, and we can’t even put in words how romantic and beautiful these places are. You can explore City Palace as it is filled with small passageways that open onto beautiful enclosures and courtyards.

Winter season is the best to visit Udaipur.

50. Dharamshala

Dharamshala is surrounded by a thick blanket of deodar cedar trees. In Himachal Pradesh, it locates in the topmost ranges of the Kangra Valley. The fantastic and attractive surroundings and the home of the Dalai Lama have made the township an easy tourist center.

March to Mid-July is the perfect time to visit Dharamshala.

So, these are the 50 beautiful places in India. You can explore and discover any of them as all are really amazing and lovely in each one of them. India is incredible!

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