Top 20 Best Water Parks in India

Top 20 best water parks in India

In this scorching heat, what can be a better place than a water park? However, regardless of how savage the summers are, there is dependably motivation to be lively about; and that is the plan of a break from work. Majority of the people go and enjoy at some hill station for some days while some can’t oversee even an end of the week.

This article is about India’s best water parks. In the event that you can’t deal with an end of the week off, here we have made a list of the best water parks in your city that may bust your tension. Take out a few minutes to read this and then you’d be cheerful!

Pack your necessary things like a swimsuit, sunscreen, and your favorite songs and make a trip out of this, to reach whichever water park allures you.

This is an ideal getaway thought for the individuals who can’t bear to invest the cash or time on a long tour or even an entire end of the week escape. Below mentioned are 20 of the best water parks in India, so you can locate the one closest to you and go through all day with your family and companions, having a ton of fun.

Let’s go –

1. Water Kingdom, Mumbai

EsselWorld is a water amusement park situated in Gorai, a town in Mumbai. Since its origin, its auxiliary, Water Kingdom has become Asia’s biggest water amusement park and is all-inclusive identified as a standout amongst the best.

It is a water park having lazy rivers, wave pools, and high-speed slides, along with many different attractions for kids. They likewise provide various packages for workgroups and students and support group building exercises for the equivalent.

This guarantees that apart from being a family, even adults with a reason for learning while at the same time having a ton of fun can choose this park. The packages are available at different rates and special occasions.

2. Wonderla Kochi

The enormous entertainment park offers many wet and dry rides, incorporating alternatives for kids. They even play 3D films. With at least 50 water rides, the feel is certain to excite you, or in the event that you chill in the lazy pool, that is your call as well.

The peak season in this park is generally the most recent seven day stretch of August and the first seven days stretch of September and the time around Christmas.

Their ticket costs change as the year progressed – during the normal season rather than the bustling season and weekdays instead of ends of the week. Also, they sell FastTrack tickets in restricted numbers. These tickets enable the client to go by with a shorter hold up time.

3. Wonderla Bangalore, Bangalore

Wonderla in Bangalore is the biggest branch of the Wonderla water amusement park franchise. This park is the partner of the one in Kochi, with nearly similar guidelines, attractions, and features. Bangalore in any case, has more rides, totaling up to more than 60.

The meals provided in here are filled in as part of a package, yet is unquestionably worth the value you pay. It is generally viewed as the perfect spot for anyone that needs a break.

The middle of October and last 2 weeks of December, till early January are the peak seasons here.

4. GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore

It is the only water theme cum amusement park that is located around or in Mysore. It is closest to Mysore – situated 15minutes away. GRS Fantasy Park is on the Mysore-Bangalore highway and thus simply accessible by road. The rides and 40 acres of greenery are the main fascination and call for people to enjoy.

They offer great packages for colleges and schools. At just Rs. 40, they have a virtual 5D experience.

They additionally give bathing suits accessible to rent. It has numerous slides, rides, playgrounds, and even merry go rounds.

5. Wet N Joy Water Park, Lonavala

Wet N Joy Water Park has attractions like a tubing river, a wave pool, serpentine rides, and numerous eateries. They additionally have offers for teams like social and corporate gatherings, school and college groups, and different plans through trip specialists.

2 of their primary reasonable alternatives are the Tuesday Treats and Thursday Bonanza – the two of which are evaluated at INR 650, taxes excluded. From family rides to excite rides, they have everything ensured for a fun outing.

6. Queens Land, Chennai

Dispersed all over 70 acres of land and around 30 minutes from Chennai, Queens Land has an aggregate of 51 rides, the greater part of them open by everyone. Queens Land in Chennai demonstrates to be a standout amongst the best water-themed stops in South India.

The Super Waves ride is a standout amongst the most visited rides in the park and the place is generally cherished by individuals in view of its nearness to the city and reasonableness. The swimming park opens in the first part of the day and stays open through the vast majority of the day, similar to the next water rides.

7. Fun N Food Village, New Delhi

A part of the World Water Park Association, USA, Fun N Food Village offers numerous numbers of water sports and water slides for individuals of different ages.

Their essential point is on present-day recreational services of universal standards and furthermore maintains their status by giving quality food to the breaks after all the enjoyment in the water.

There are varieties of water rides that are adored by every one of the guests, chiefly the pools. As the name proposes, this spot guarantees both fun and quality food!

8.Nicco Park, Kolkata

Based in Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Nicco Park is an amusement park that gives family-friendly recreational facilities just as educative amusement. Since it was established, it has been known as the Disneyland of West Bengal.

It is likewise truly reasonable since the cost you pay for a ticket provides you entry just as access to the main park and the water park, Wet-O-Wild.

9. Fun World Amusement Park, Bangalore

Fun World Amusement Park has two 2 areas – Water World, for wet rides and Fun World, for dry rides. The Fun World Park is open for longer than the water park, and the combo offer ticket for entry to both is ₹1200. A ticket for a youngster underneath the age of 3 is ₹500.

Water World is home to a portion of Bangalore’s exceptional water rides like the Boomerang, Tornado, and Cyclone. They additionally have the Lazy River for a chilling time. Bathing suits are free with a storage service.

10. Funcity Water Park, Chandigarh

Wunder Water, Funcity’s water theme branch is one of the greatest in the area and has 6 landing pools, 1wave pool, 1activity pool, and 17 water slides. It is one of the top water parks in chandigarh and mohali. They additionally provide membership packages, which are substantial for a year or 365 days. The expense for a couple is INR 5000 and the expense for a family is INR 9000. A family here incorporates parents and 2 kids for the package.

Pivoting between their three primary wellsprings of business – an amusement park, a resort, and a water park – they have developed to get a decent reputation in the business. The Red Dragon Slide, Typhoon Tunnel, Bowl Speed Slide, and Crazy Cruise are probably the most adored rides and should visits.

11. Worlds of Wonder, Noida

The water park at Worlds of Wonder is shut throughout the winters, so ticket costs are liable to change. For the amusement park, in any case, the costs extend from ₹249 to ₹749, depending upon whether it’s a kid, grown-up, senior person, or defense individual. The water park is positioned as a standout amongst the best places to visit in Noida.

Nylon and Lycra are required for utilizing the rides in the water park, so make certain to pack a few! They additionally host occasions and have a package for corporations and schools. The water park is divided into 4 sections and has a wide range of rides extending from Free Falling to Raft Rides to Lazy Rivers.

12. Funtasia Island, Patna

Funtasia Island in Patna is a standout amongst the most reasonable water stops in the rundown. Be that as it may, it is shut in the winter season in view of the inadmissible climate conditions and ordinarily revives around the middle of February, directly in time for when the climate starts warming up. It is the primary amusement water park in Patna and has facilities that children and grown-ups can utilize and admire.

Entry for kids beneath 3 feet is free of cost. They additionally host corporate functions and different occasions, with a café to take into account the consumers. They pride themselves on the way that their water rides imported from China, thus guaranteeing a universal quality and standard of fun.

13. Aquatica Water Park, Kolkata

In East India, Aquatica Water Park is the best water park, spread all over 17 acres of land. The service provided by the recreation center incorporates an inn to stay in and a multi-cuisine café. With rides like the Black Hole, Raft Slide, Niagara Falls, the fun Aqua Dance, and Wave Pool, you will never have a terrible day here!

14. Splash Water Park, Delhi

Splash, the Water Park has more than 1 branch throughout India; however, the one in Delhi is the biggest and most visited park of all. Spread all over 5acres of land, it is believed to be the best water themed park in North Delhi. From huge water rides to little ones for kids, they demonstrate to give an incredible time to families and companions alike, and it is a perfect spot to get away from the busy or humdrum city life.

15. Adlabs Imagica, Pune

Located in Pune, this Mykonos-themed water park has everything from shopping to snacks to fun water rides and slides. It is a standout amongst the best water stops in India, and has probably the most energizing rides the world can offer! They likewise give exceptional offers and packages like that of Wat-a-Wednesday, which give the choice to benefit the tickets at uncommon costs and prices at a concession.

16. MGM Dizzee World, Chennai

The ticket costs are for the jumbo package, which incorporates all rides – both water and dry. As a portion of the water amusement park, their primary attractions and rides incorporate a pool, Tora Spin, Wave Swinger, and Water Coaster.

The recreation center likewise engages the people with their amphitheater screenings. It as of late opened a snow park.

17. Ocean Park, Hyderabad

They have packages available as well, like all other water parks. For schools, at least 30 students are needed. Their water rides like Tilting Bucket, Wide Slide, Tube Slide, Floating Bridge, andWater Screen are the fundamental fascination. They additionally give café facilities with a connected bakery.

18. Appu Ghar, Gurgaon

One of the first amusement parks of India, Appu Ghar, is a beach-themed water park in Gurugram; spread over a million square feet. As of late, it came to be called Oysters Water.

It has 15 water rides and banquet facilities for up to 3500 visitors. Despite the fact that it is on the pricier side, visitors have explored that it merits the cash. Spread over more than ten acres of land, the fundamental fascination revolves around the theme of the water park – that of a rainforest.

19. Crescent Water Park, Sehore

They take into account their guests as indicated by their needs and go over everything from snacks to fun! Here, the principle fascination is the Honey Infinity Pool, which serves for a notable view.

Envision discovering the city line from the relaxation of a pool. The recreation center additionally includes the longest pool in Central India, a comfort that pulls individuals and causes them to pine for a visit here. They even have a meeting room and hotel rooms for bookings.

20. Dreamworld Water Park, Thrissur

This park pulls in numerous families due to its friendly and pleasing condition.It is likewise suggested for school tours and visits with companion teams. With in excess of 20 water rides, the recreation center is unquestionably one should visit in the event that you are ever in the region.

The strength here is the Rain Dance, and they additionally have 3D and 5D shows played on various occasions during the day, so ensure you discover one during your visit there!

So this get-away, bounce into your vehicle and drive to the closest water park from the 20 best ones in India. Pack your packs, and readily be en route. In the event that you crave traveling, we promise you that heading off to any of these will give you more satisfaction than you would expect, and the trip will definitely be justified, despite all the trouble.

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