Manipur is a charming north-eastern beautiful state of India. Imphal is its capital. There are people of various cultures living here like Kuki, Naga, Mizo, and Pangal. Several indigenous tribal groups are inhabited here. The state is indeed paradise on earth. This place is richly endowed with the beauty of nature and splendor.

Lt. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru described this state as “the jewel of India.” This state is the true definition of natural beauty of India which makes it a perfect tourist destination. Here, a rare species of deer called Sangai is found and Siroy Lily is the only terrestrial lily grown on the hills of Saroi. Some rivers which flow through the town are Barak, Imphal, and Iril.

Meitei and Manipuri are the two local languages of this state but English is also widely spoken in this region. Manipur is home to majestic mountains, fabulous lakes, natural caves, immense natural beauty and many other attractions.

Some prominent attractions of this state are Andro Village, Manipur state museum, Shree Govindajee Temple, Keibul Lammjao National Park, Loktak lake, etc. The culture in Manipur is characterized by its simplicity and egalitarian values. Women have high status in the society and elders are given immense respect. People of Manipur are known as Manipuri and they are very welcoming and cooperative. People here love to play sports like football and many others too. Manipur is famous for its dance form which celebrates the Lord Krishna’s life.

Several tourists are attracted to the natural scenic beauty of this place that they are left enthralled and enchanted by the captivating sight of this place.

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