Vishram Ghat

The ghats have its own religious importance in the Hindu culture. The river Yamuna has 24 ghats located on its bank. The ghat is also known as Tirthas. One of the most popular ghats in Mathura city is the Vishram Ghat. It is the place where Lord Krishna rested after killing his uncle Kansa. The word Vishram in the Vishram ghat means rest. This ghat is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. This ghat is surrounded by many beautiful temples. It is the main ghat that is made up of marble stones. The stone curves are very long. It is the starting and ending point of all the parikrama. The ghat is stretching along the river. It is also one of the most blessed ghats.

It is said that during Magh Mela bathing in the water of Vishram ghat is greater than that of Ganga River. It is also said that it was the resting place of Lord Varaha when he lifts earth from the sea after killing Hiranyaksha. The ghat also has the Sveta Varaha temple and Adi Varaha temple. It is also said that if the siblings can together take a dip in the water then they will be free from all of their sins.

On the north side of the Vishram ghat, it has around 12 ghats and on the south side, it has 11 ghats.   Some of the most famous temples at the Vishram ghat are the temple of Mukut, Radha and Damodar, Narasimha, Hanuman and many others. One of the best things at the Vishram ghat is the evening aarti. The ghat is full of lights and river is also full of little oil lamps which looks beautiful.

The tourists can also visit kunds and blessed ponds. Some of the most famous are Shiv tal and potara kund. The tourists can also enjoy the boating. The nearest railway station is in Mathura, which is just 4.5 km away from the ghat.

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