Darjeeling, the Tea Garden City of India

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Mostly the Indians mark the beginning of their day with a cup of tea. Amongst the various beverages tea is one of the most popular beverages among the citizens of India. It is believed that tea helps the person in getting out of the dizziness and the laziness that one experiences in the morning. Thus tea plays an important role in an Indian house. Mostly tea is grown in the Eastern part of India which includes the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Sikkim, West Bengal but Darjeeling a city in West Bengal has its own importance in tea plantation and products. As such this city is also known as the tea garden city of India.

About Darjeeling :

Darjeeling is the most beautiful place in India, a town in West Bengal of India which is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal from one side and the different Indian states from the other sides. The town basically is famous for its various tea valleys and tea plantation accompanied by the world’s third highest mountain range KANGCHENJUNGA’s view and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is a UNESCO heritage site. The town has its own culture which is loved by the tourists as Darjeeling is a famous tourist spot. Every day a lot of people come to visit Darjeeling.

1. The tea industry in Darjeeling:

As it is famous for the tea Industry it is to be marked that traditionally it grows the black teas but now the green teas grown there are also taken into consideration by the consumers. The tea Industry of Darjeeling also known for its another category which is not so popular and is known as oolong tea. The tea manufactured here is produced from the small leaves of Chinese variety of Camellia sinensis which is quite different from large-leaved Assam plant. When the geographical indications of goods were enacted in 2003, Darjeeling tea became the first Indian product to receive a GI tag in 2004-05.

2. Nature(flora and fauna):

As the city is located in eastern parts of India (West Bengal)near the Bay of Bengal, it is more prone to heavy rainfall. Due to heavy rainfall, the area is quite rich in flora. The natural vegetation here consists of semi-evergreen and temperate and Alpine forests. The famous trees which can be noticed there are Sal, Oak as the town is surrounded by the dense evergreen forest of Sal and Oak where a wide variety of rare orchids are found.

As the different divisions have their own forest officers, the forest, and wildlife of Darjeeling are also managed as well as protected by the divisional forest officer of the territorial and wildlife wing of state forest department. The fauna which can be seen here includes the ducks, tears, plovers, and gulls.
Small mammals like Mongoose and Badgers are also found here.

3. Weather:

It is difficult to predict the weather of the city. At one instance one can experience a beautiful settled weather but at the same time, fog can rise from the deep humid valleys. Mostly the weather here has always humidity in its context. The summers from May to July experiences temperature from 11 to 19 degree Celsius while the winters from December to February experiences between 2.5 to 10. The monsoons from June to September feels the frequent showers while the Autumn season from October to November witnesses the clear sky and colder temperature.

4. Tourism in Darjeeling:

Spring is one of the best time to visit Darjeeling as the season is known for the flowers to bloom in plenty and a variety of colors which makes a beautiful view.On the other hand during the autumn season, Darjeeling again becomes a paradise for the tourists as a sky becomes clear and no more rain showers. Also, it is the best time to get the views of the snow peaks and feel the cool temperature which is eagerly calling for the Winter season.

Not only the beautiful view of the city invites the tourists but the beautiful places are also a part of Darjeeling tourism. It includes a lot of religious sites to visit, the different museums, natural and wildlife areas and the most beautiful view that one can witness here is the beautiful view of the third highest mountain range of world that is KANCHENJUNGA.

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