The Best Water Park in Delhi NCR

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best water park in Delhi

In this hot and sizzling summer, one can only think of going to some cold hill stations ora seashore and these are the most convenient places to serve you in summers. But if you are living in New Delhi or the Delhi NCR area then it’s quite a bit difficult to go somewhere like the beaches since they are way too far away from New Delhi. Also if you want to go to the nearby hill stations you need to pull a lot of time out of your hectic busy schedule.

But don’t let the monster of adventure die after reading this there is a good news for all you fun lovers who reside in New Delhi over the Delhi NCR area it’s pretty obvious that it is a bit difficult go to some high hill stations or the coastal beaches, but you always have some alternatives for what you want to have we all are familiar with the phrase that only those people get the things who won the things and this phrase perfectly applies to those who want to get themselves refreshed in a way that won’t consume much time.

Luckily if you are residing in a place like New Delhi or the Delhi NCR, you don’t have to find or manage too much time, because it will not days to hang out with your friends and family and get yourself refreshed. There are many water parks and adventure parks in the Delhi NCR region. One of the best water cum Adventure Park is the world of wonders, commonly abbreviated as WOW, which is situated at Noida, Delhi NCR.

A world of wonders-best water park in delhi, you can find three major things entertainment rides amusement park and the water park this whole place is suitable for children, kids, teenagers and adults since, the people aged between the 1 to 60 years of age group are allowed here. Some of the major key attractions here are-boating, International rides, rain dance with live DJ and the most common thing for all of us- the delicious and mouthwatering eating points, serving a wide variety of food and snacks meant for all age groups.

It is open across the whole week with the timings from twelve noon to eight of night. However, the average visit lasts around 3 to 4 hours in summers. Although most of the people visit during the weekends, the World of Wonders offers attractive packages and discounts during the weekdays too. The pricing of tickets ranges from as low as Rs.200 to as high as Rs. 1000, giving us a lot of options for all age groups. Talking for the photo geeks, the photography is allowed and completely legal here. The parking option is also available here at very reasonable prices. They offer the facility of restrooms too. Also, the World of Wonders provides an option of birthday packages where you can celebrate birthdays of yourself and your loved ones in a very interesting and unique way.

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