Jama Mosque, Agra

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Jama Mosque, Agra

One of the 17th-century structure built by Mughals in India is the Jama mosque. It is one of the largest Masjid that was built by Mughals. It is also famous as the Friday Mosque. In 1648, it was constructed by the Shah Jahan for his loving daughter Jahan Ara Begum. It can be clearly seen from the Agra Fort and from the railway station of Agra. It was built by using marbles and sandstone of multi colorful. It has a great importance in the history of India.

The Jama Masjid is constructed by using red sandstone with marble of white color. It has a unique design. In the center, there is a fountain. This Mosque gets completed in 6 years with the help of 5 thousand workers. The large area on the front of the mosque has a Tripoli chowk. During 1871 to 1873, this octagonal chowk was destroyed for giving space to the Railway station of the Agra.

It is the must visit place in the Agra. There are many domes in the mosque among which the largest one is the prayer done. It has a 40 meters high Buland Darwaza which is made up of red sandstone. On the top, it has three big domes and half-octagonal in the pattern. There are three smaller domes behind it and twelve domes at the bottom level. In the courtyard, there are notable arches. These arches are covered in red sandstones and supported by the pillars. The inverted lotus is used to decorate the domes. In the central courtyard, there is a Madrasa. The white marble is used to decorate the internal walls. The top of the domes is designed with marble and red sandstone of alternating strips.

The mosque is located just a few steps up. There are 5 entrances to the mosque which are designed and decorated very neatly. There are spiritual paintings on the top of the mosque. These paintings are decorated with shiny tiles and marbles. The mosque can hold 10 thousand persons at a time.

The opening time of the mosque is from 5 am to 9 pm. It is free from any entry cost. It remains open in all days of the week. A special prayer is held in Jama Mosque on every Friday. The mosque crowded with many people on this day of the week. So, the best day is to visit it on Friday for enjoying that special prayer. The tourists can visit this place by air, road, and rail. It is just 7 km from the airport of Agra. It is just 2 km from the railway station of Agra. There are also options for local and luxury buses.

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