Jodha Bai’s Palace,Fatehpur Sikri

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Jodha Bai's Palace

The palace of Jodha Bai is located in Fatehpur Sikri. The palace provides all the facilities in it for the royal woman. It was specially made for the woman who lives in purdah and fulfills all of their daily needs. It is very big in size and opens from the inside. There are many apartments in the palace which are connected by courtyards.

It is one of the largest structures in the Fatehpur Sikri. The palace is 230’8” x 215’ in size. It was built by Akbar for his loving wife Jodha Bai. The palace was designed beautifully by using the architecture of Gujrat and Rajasthan. It is the best example of the both Rajputs and Mughals architecture. The palace has only one gateway which is located on its eastern side. The gate has guard rooms that provide high security.  The palace from the inside is decorated with the design of parrots, elephants, flowers and various other things.

The palace has rounded pillars with brackets on its western side. There are mostly temples on its western side. The palace also has chhatris, wall brackets, domes of semi-circular shape and many other beautiful things. The palace has baths places on its southern side. The palace was designed beautifully with red sandstone. There are a number of gardens on its northern side. The Birbal’s garden is located on the western side of the palace.

It is the beautiful palace. It is the must visit place in the Fatehpur Sikri. The nearest railway station is just 1 km away from the palace. The tourists can take taxi or bus to reach this place. The opening time of the palace is from 7 AM to 6 PM. It remains closed on Friday. The entry fee for the Indians is Rs 20 and for Foreigners, it is Rs 260.

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