Panch Mahal

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Panch Mahal

The Panch Mahal is a five-floor structure that is located in the Fatehpur Sikri. It is located near the zenana quarters. The Panch Mahal was built by the Akbar for the purpose of relaxation and entertainment. It is situated near the palace of Jodh Bai. The Panch Mahal is also famous as the wind tower or Badger. It is built by using the architecture design of Persian. It is built by using red sandstone.

The panch mahal is had 5 floors which are built in the decreasing order. There are around 84 pillars on the ground floor. These pillars are used to support the whole building. There is a jaali in between the pillars which is used as a pardha for the Rani or ladies. The ladies can enjoy the view of Fatehpur Sikri and nearby places through jaali by sitting on the top and can also enjoy the fresh air.

There are rows of 8 pillars in the direction of north to south and 6 pillars in another direction. There are 56 pillars on the second floor with rows of 6 to 4 pillars. All the pillars in the Mahal are designed uniquely and beautifully. The pillar is designed by using vase with flowers, a pattern of rose and arches. There are 20 pillars on the third floor with having rows of 5 to 3 pillars. There are 12 pillars in the 2 rows on the 4rth floor. A beautiful square shape chapter is used to decorate the upper part of the Mahal.

The Panch Mahal looks more beautiful with its Anoop Talao pool located in its front. It is a place where the performance of music took place at the Akbar’s time. The Taj Mahal opens daily from sunrise to sunset. The entrance fee is Rs 10 for Indians and Rs 250 for foreigners.

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