Kashmir Valley

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The Kashmir valley is the famous beautiful place of India. This valley lies in the region of Kashmir. The length of this valley is 135 km and width is 32 km. From the southwest, it is bounded by the range of Pir Pinjal. From the northeast side, it is bounded by the Himalayas range and Zanskar range from the west. The valley is 5,300 feet high. The source of water is from the river Jhelum. The valley is covered by mountains, which is 12 to 16 thousand feet in height. The valley is administrated by the Government.

Many tourists get attracted towards this place because of its scenic view. There are also lakes around including Dal, Wulhar, Nagin, and others. In the 17th century, this valley was ruled by the Jahangir. There was also the Mughal emperor’s resort. This valley is the beauty of India and one of the lists of top major destination places for the tourists to visit. There are many places to visit for the tourist in the Kashmir. The tourists can enjoy the houseboats in the famous Dal Lake. They can enjoy a ski resort in the valley of Gulmarg, Amaranth temple in the Pahalgam. Some of the other famous places are Kokernag, Sonamarg, Aharbal and many others.

The climate of the valley is moderate. In the spring and autumn region, it is cool. In summers, it is mild and cold in the winter season. The hilly areas have much lower temperature as compared to the flat which has the high temperature. The month July is the hottest with having 16 to 32-degree temperature. Deom December to March, the maximum temperature is 0 degree and a minimum is -15 degrees. The valley is covered with a thick layer of snow in the low temperature. The best time to visit this valley in July. You can visit this valley by road and air.

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