Zanskar Jammu And Kashmir

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The place Zanskar is located in the region of Ladakh. It is a semi-desert area, which is located at a high altitude. The place is known for its beautiful gompas, monasteries, high and rocky hills. It is located along the Doda and Lungnak tributaries of river Zanskar. It is a lovely place which has beautiful landscapes and the culture of Buddhist. The name of the place Zanskar means the copper star. There are also many segments of the copper flowing into the river Zanskar. It is just 235km from the city Kargil.

It is a great place that has a lot of attractive places to visit. The visitors can enjoy the trekking at this place. One of the most famous treks at this place is Chadar Trek. It is the world famous trek in which the visitors trek on the frozen Zanskar River. There is also one another trek, Padum Trek. There are also many beautiful monasteries located in this region including Karsha and Phuktal monastery. Many tourists love to see the confluence of Zanskar and Indus River at the place Nimu. There is also a beautiful glacier Drang Drung located at the Penzi la pass of Srinagar to Kargil highway. It connects the valleys of Suru and Zanskar. There is also a fort of Zorawar Singh at the Panikhar in the valley of Zanskar. It is also the best site for camping.

The best time to visit this place is during the summer season. This place is easily accessible only during this time. The visitors have to face many problems during the winter season. The water of the Zanskar River also freezes at this time.

You can reach this place through the motorable road. The road from Zanskar to Kargil is open from July to November. You can also take a bus or book any taxi from the Kargil.

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