Amazing Facts About Rath Yatra, Puri

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Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra or the renowned Chariot Festival imprints Lord Jagannath’s yearly visit to HIS maternal auntie’s home. Indeed, truly, it is a reality propounded by the legends. In any case, the pomp and show with which the event is commended in Puri, the habitation Lord Jagannath, Balaram, and Subhadra, is to be sure something to be graced at any rate rare.

Let’s get to know some amazing facts about Rath Yatra –


The event is commended each year on the Ashadh Shukla Dwitiya, as per Hindu schedule. What’s more, evidently, there hasn’t been a solitary Rath Yatra day ever when it hasn’t rained in Puri!

Lords and their chariots

The three divinities, Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra travel in three distinct chariots—Nandighosha, Lord Jagannath’s chariot, has 18 wheels as much as 45.6 ft high, Taladhwaja, Lord Balaram’s chariot, has 16 wheels around 45 ft. in tallness and Devadalana, the chariot of Lord Jagannath, has 14 ft. furthermore, is around 44.6 ft. high.

Venturing with kin

As said before, it is when Lord Jagannath, alongside his senior sibling and more youthful sister, Balaram and Subhadra respectively, is sent to their maternal auntie’s place—Gundicha Temple (or the Mausima Temple) in Puri where they remain for 9 days before coming back to their home!

Breaking the caste barrier

Jagannath Temple is said to be represented by the most stringent Hindus around and is where just Hindus by birth can enter and offer supplications. What’s more, as known to all, Lord Jagannath has HIS supporters among the Hindus as well as among numerous other individuals who’ve taken the up the ways for Lord. Along these lines, normally these supporters, regardless of how religious they are, aren’t permitted to enter the premises and need to supplicate from the doorstep of the Dakshin dwaar. In any case, on this favorable day, the boundaries of religion, caste and creed essentially evaporate and it is humankind that is venerated!

New chariots, each year

Shockingly, the chariots are built every year once more with new arrangement of wood, and perpetually the tallness and width and each else would be an outright imitation of the past!

The King and his brilliant mop

The monarchy system may have been crushed by the Indian Government, yet Puri still has its official “ruler” for Lord Jagannath would just turn out from the temple after the king of Puri have cleared the way himself by his mop made of unadulterated gold!

Rath Yatra

At the point when Lord resists from moving

Legend has it that Lord Jagannath would be reluctant to visit his auntie’s place inevitably, and creepily, consistently, regardless of what the number of thousands of devotees pushes the chariot, it would straightforward won’t move a bit from its place. It’s simply night-time of pushing that it would at long last show development! Truly, it’s sort of interesting—to make it a point to watch its LIVE broadcast on the Doordarshan.

Resting in high fever time

The entryway to the primary Jagannath Temple in Puri is kept closed throughout the previous 7 days before the Rath Yatra celebration. Indeed, would you be able to figure the reason? Obviously, consistently, during this time, Lord Jagannath gets a high fever because of which “guests” are not permitted to see him. Furthermore, it is this fever that requires a change and subsequently, the well-known visit to their maternal auntie’s (or Mousi’s) place!

The only temple where god exists

It is the main occasion or celebration on the planet earth where the god is taken out of the temple

So, these are the amazing facts about Rath Yatra.

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