Amazing Facts About Lord Rama-Jai Shri Ram

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Lord Rama

Lord Rama is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. Many texts were written about them. The description of the glory of Lord Rama in Ramcharitmanas touches the hearts of all. Did you know that Shri Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, left the throne and accepted exile for the establishment of decorum and desire of his mother Kaikeyi? That is why Shri Rama is called Maryada Purushottam. Here are some things related to Lord Rama that you might not be aware of!

Jai Shri Ram

Facts About Lord Rama

The life of Sri Rama is described by Maharishi Valmiki in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana. Tulsidas has also written Ramcharitmanas on Lord Rama. Lord Rama’s supernatural works were described by Valmiki in Sanskrit in the Ramayana epic, which Tulsidasji composed during the period Ramcharitmanas.

  • It is said that Lord Rama was born in the family of Ikshvaku, one of the 10 sons of Manu.
  • Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya on Chaitra Navami. Chaitra Navami is also known as Ram Navami.
  • It is also said that on the way to protect mother Sita from Ravana, Lord Rama fasted on Ekadashi to cross the sea.
  • It is believed that Lord Rama made Ravana’s younger brother Vibhishan the king of Lanka after defeating Ravana in battle.
  • It is also said in the Puranas that according to Mata Kaikeyi, Lord Rama was 27 years old when he went to exile.
  • During the battle of Rama and Ravana, Indra Devta sent divine chariot to Sri Rama. Lord Rama killed Ravana when sitting in this chariot.
  • Agastya Muni asked Sri Rama to recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra when Rama-Ravan’s war was not over.
  • A king named Aranya cursed Ravana that a young man born from his dynasty would cause his death. Shri Rama was born in the lineage of these.
  • It is also said that Gautam Rishi cursed his wife Ahilya to become a stone. Lord Rama saved her from this curse.

Lineage Of Lord Rama

As discussed above, Lord Rama is considered to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. Vaivasvata Manu had ten sons – Il, Ikshvaku, Kushnam, Arishta, Dhristha, Narishyant, Karush, Mahabali, Sharyati and Prajadha. Lord Rama was born in the family of Ikshvaku. The Jain Tirthankara Nimi also belonged to this clan.

Manu’s second son Ikshvaku gave birth to sons Vikukshi, Nimi and Dandaka. In this way, this dynasty tradition went on to Harishchandra Rohit, Vrisha, Bahu and Sagar. Ikshvaku was the king of the ancient Kaushal country and his capital was Ayodhya. The family of Lord Rama is described by Guru Vashisthaji in the Balkand of Ramayana which is as follows:

Marichi was born from Brahma. Marichi’s son was Kashyap. Kashyapa’s Vivaswan and Vivaswan’s Vivasvat Manu. A water catastrophe took place at the time of Vaivasvata Manu. One of the ten sons of Vaivasvat Manu was named Ikshvaku. Ikshvaku made Ayodhya his capital and thus, established the Ikshvaku clan. Ikshvaku had a son named Kukshi. Kukshi’s son’s name was Vikukshi. Vikukshi had a son named Baan and Baan’s son was Ananya. Prithu was born from Ananya. The son of Trishanku was Dhundumar. Dhundhumar’s son’s name was Yuvnashv. The son of Yuvnashv was born and Susandhi was born from Mandhatata. Susandhi had two sons – Dhruvasandhi and Prasenjit. Dhruvsandhi’s son was Bharata.

Bharat’s son was Asit and Asit’s son was Sagar. Sagar was a very powerful king of Ayodhya. Sagar’s son’s name was Asmanj. The son of Asmanj was Anshuman and Anshuman’s son was Dilip. Dilip’s son was Bhagirath. Bhagirath brought Ganga to the earth. Bhagiratha had a son named Kakutastha and Kakutastha’s son was Raghu. This dynasty got the name of Raghuvansha after Raghu because of his extremely bright and powerful king. In the same vein, the family of Lord Rama is also called Raghukul.

Raghu’s sons grew up. The son of Vruddha was Shankhan and the son of Shankhan was Sudarshan. Sudarshan’s son’s name was Agnivarna. Agnivarna’s son was Tadag and Tadag’s son died. The sons of Maru were Prasushruk and Ambushish, son of Prasushruk. Ambarish’s son’s name was Nahusha. Nayusha’s son was Yayati and Yayati’s son was unhappy. Nabhag’s son’s name was Aja. Aja’s son was Dasharatha and the four sons of Dasaratha are Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana, and Shatrughna.

Lord Rama And His Family

Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya. His mother’s name was Kaushalya and his father’s name was Dasharatha. Lord Rama had three brothers – Bharata, Shatrughna and Lakshmana. The name of Lord Rama’s Guru was Vashistha. He was married to Mata Sita. The pair of Lord Rama and Sita ji is still considered an ideal couple in Hindu mythology. Lord Ram Ji had two sons – Luv and Kush.

Why Did Lord Vishnu Take The Rama Avatar?

According to Hindu belief and mythology, Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Lord Rama to eliminate the unjust and evil demon named king Ravana. In Shri Rama’s avatar, Vishnu ji brought forth the qualities of the perfect son, brother, husband, and friend. Shri Ram ji, at the behest of his father, cut off the exile of 14 years and gave the message of Sugriva back to him by killing Bali while giving his message of friendship.

Festival Of Ram Navami

The sacred festival of Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth celebration of Shri Rama. The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated all over the country with great pomp and show. Lord Shree Rama is specially worshiped on this day and people remember his good deeds and sacrifices too.

Messages Of Lord Ram

Lord Rama is also called Maryada Purushottam. It is believed that Lord Rama did everything in a modest manner, whether it was to obey the orders of his parents without any question or to kill Ravana after he kidnapped Mata Sita. Even after Ravana’s death, he did not hate his enemy but sent his brother to Ravana for education. The character of Lord Rama teaches us to serve our parents and obey them.

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