Apharwat Peak

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Apharwat Peak

The Apharwat peak is the most popular destination for tourists in Gulmarg. The peak is located right next to the Alpathar Lake and is about 13500 feet above the sea level. The slopes of the peak are entirely covered in snow during the winter. Thus making it a great location for skiing. Apharwat has been the go-to destination for skiing in India for a very long time. The different slopes have very different levels of difficulties, so everyone from beginners to highly skilled professionals leave the resort satisfied.

Apart from skiing, the mountain is also famous for the spectacular panoramic views of Gulmarg it offers. You get to see the beauty of the Gulmarg Valley in its full glory. The Alpathar Lake nearby freezes over, and its glassy surface is simply stunning to look at from the top of the mountain.

During the summer months, the mountain goes through an astonishing transformation. The snow is replaced with lush greenery. Visitors can also pay a visit to the Ningle Nallah at this time of the year. It is a stream that originates on the very top of the Apharwat peak and joins the mighty Jhelum River near the Spore. This snow-covered paradise is a must visit if you are in the town of Gulmarg, it is situated just 13 kilometers away from the city center and is well connected by road.

Apharwat Peak

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