Why Hindus say Ram Ram?

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Hindus say RAM RAM:

In the Hindu religion, it is a very common practice of greeting others by saying “Ram Ram”. There are several other words used too like, Hari Om, Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Raam Ji Ki, Om Shanti, Jai Mata Di, Har Har Mahadev.

But the use of “Ram Ram “ is most common among all. Ram Ram is associated with the Hindu God Shri Ram, who is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ram is worshipped because of his righteousness, good character and bravery.

According to Hindu mythology, the Ramayana was written by the Sage Valmiki who was a thief or dacoit in his earlier life. Sage Narad muni told him to say enchant Mara Mara, which actually pronounces “Ram Ram “, to show him the path of life and achieves enlightenment. Afterward, he stopped looting and killing people, and got relieved of his sins. He then continued to walk on the path of truth, honesty, and kindness and wrote the Hindu epic –Ramayana. This is a perfect example of what spiritual power the word “Ram “ possess and the positive effects of enchanting the name of God – “ Ram Ram “.

Enchanting the words “Ram Ram “, prevents us from committing the sins and relieves us from the negative effects of the sins. It protects us from the negative energies present in the universe and other energies like black magic done by the sinners.

In such a way, one not only greets others but also earns the “Punya “or the blessing reward by enchanting the godly words.

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