Top 20 Best Places to Visit in Odisha

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Places to Visit in Odhisa


The Odisha-the place that is known for paddy fields and palm-bordered silver seashores, sanctuaries, and ancestral individuals, is loaded up with significant attractions, for example, the sanctuaries of Bhubaneshwar and Puri, and the radiant Sun Temple of Konark. Occupied by ancestral individuals, the not created province of Odisha must be visited to have the experience of the bunch ponders it has coming up for everyone. Otherwise called the spirit of India, Odisha is where you can unwind on the seashores, visit the renowned sanctuaries and investigate the magnificence and abundance of nature and untamed life. You can likewise discover different landmarks that sublimely remain to help you to remember the historical backdrop of the land. Here we are going to tell you about 20 such beautiful places that you can visit to make your vacation days memorable.

1. Puri:

  • Puri in Odisha is one of the must-visit journey destinations for Hindus as a result of Jagannath Temple that shapes the piece of Char Dham in India. Puri is a seashore city situated on the shoreline of Bay of Bengal which is one of the top choices among individuals of West Bengal for a short outing.
  • It is also known as the resting spot of Lord Shiva and Bhubaneshwar complete the Golden Triangle of Orissa, with their strict essentialness and social legacy being the focuses of the travel industry in this state. There is plenty of spots close to Puri that one must visit, similar to the Chilika lake and the acclaimed Sun sanctuary of Konark.

2. Bhubaneswar:

  • Bhubaneswar, the sanctuary city of India is well known for its design and amazing sanctuaries. The name of the city truly implies Lord of the Universe, appropriately reflected in the number of sanctuaries here and the strict intensity of its local people. This is currently a clamoring city where the history is wonderfully entwined with its cutting edge and dynamic present.
  • Bhubaneshwar being the middle for strict the travel industry has various superb sanctuaries manufactured hundreds of years back which has still held their unique over every one of these years. Among them, the Lingaraj sanctuary and the Parasurameswara sanctuary are must-visits and pull in voyagers for all pieces of the nation.

3. Konark:

  • Konark, in Orissa, is furthermore a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sun Temple of Konark is one of the most superb milestones of India. The Annual Dance Festival is a multi day-long social gathering that invites wonderful moving capacity from wherever all through the country. This festival is an extraordinary celebration of our country’s rich social and inventive legacy, an event to truly cheer the diverse move outlines that our country has made. The celebrations happen with the foundation of the Sun asylum, adding enormity and brilliance to the whole program.
  • Other than this, Konark similarly has the Sun Festival, where fans offer requests to the Sun God by taking dunks in the sea. The Dance Festival furthermore has a Handicrafts Mela where one can buy surprising and perfectly deliberately collected pieces that wonderfully reflect the Oriya artistic work.

4. Cuttack:

  • Cuttack is the social capital of Odisha and a business city with a lot of amazing vacation spots. Cuttack is the second-biggest city in Odisha and the previous capital also. Cuttack is continually humming with social exercises and plays host to an assortment of celebrations like the Baliyatra, which recognizes the old exchange interfaces the nations like Java, Durga Puja, Bali, Sumatra, and the Kite Festival which is held in January.
  • Cuttack is otherwise called the silver city because of its acclaimed silver work. SurCuttack is a profoundly arranged city and has various vacation destinations which will make an individual’s outing a memorable one.

5. Baripada:

  • Far away at a distance of 248km from Kolkata and 256km from Bhubaneshwar, Baripada is a city, perceived by its wonderful culture and pith of immaculateness in nature. Its Rath Yatra is considered the greatest and most seasoned after Puri and subsequently, Baripada is otherwise called Dwitiya Srikhetra (Second Puri).
  • It is host to the world-renowned Car Festival (Rathyatra) which permits just ladies to pull the Rath of Maa Subhadra and accumulates tremendous groups.

6. Gopalpur:

  • On the southern coastline of Odisha, only 15 km from the city of Behrampur is found an interesting, town of Gopalpur which was an ocean port, clamoring with exchange and business, in the Colonial Era. It is known for being an odd goal and a spot for calmness. The ocean port remains however generally in ruins, the British have gone as well yet what remains is one of India’s most cherished seashores.
  • The Gopalpur-on-ocean is viewed as one of India’s most delightful seashores to a great extent because of its remoteness, its tranquility, and its unconventional group. Gopalpur is quickly getting one of the most looked for after seashores in the nation, with an ever-increasing number of individuals getting mindful of its magnificence.

7. ChandiPur:

  • Chandipur is a detached shoreline town of Baleshwar district put away securely on the coastline of Orissa. Chandipur is additionally privately known as Chandipur-on-ocean.

8. Sambalpur:

  • Sambalpur is the passage toward the western zone of Orissa. It has large amounts of productive waterways, rich slopes, lavish green woods, etc. It is a wonderful amalgamation of advancement and culture. Holding a huge chronicled significance, the spot likewise has a prospering material and handloom industry well known for its exceptional examples and style. Notwithstanding that, Sambalpur has a thriving innate existence with select lovely people tunes moves and culture.
  • Sambalpur got its name from Devi Samaleswari who is the primary goddess of the locale. One can likewise visit untamed life stops here to appreciate the magnificence of nature that Sambalpur has in the bounty.
  • The region is known for the world-acclaimed Hirakud Dam which is the fundamental fascination for the vacationers here. There are likewise a few sanctuaries holding incredible noteworthiness, with individuals originating from done with a solid feeling of confidence and the heavenly god giving satisfaction and riches to the lovers.
  • Sambalpur is the greatest city of western Odisha and is well known for the number of opportunity battles that occurred here which make this spot verifiably significant as well. It is well known for its handlooms and material industry. This spot is famous for its Sambalpuri Sarees. Gole Bazaar is the primary strip mall. The cost can run from two or three hundred to a hundred thousand rupees. There are numerous shops in the city, yet the most acclaimed shops can be seen in Gole Bazar.

9. Talasari Beach:

  • Situated in Baleswar locale of Odisha and a good way off of 10 Km from Digha, the Talasari seashore is perfect, tranquil, and has been giving with an awesome scene. There are mystery seashores, that invigorate our faculties and Talasari is one such spot. This virgin seashore has sand hills, more settled waves amid a few palm trees, coconut trees, cashew trees are known to be the keep going seashore on the northeastern bank of India.
  • Talasari gets its name from Tala (musicality) and Sari (line)- the cadence shaped by a very much displayed lavish green belt and brilliant sands with a periodic red bit (because of the red crabs wandering around) meeting the tremendous ocean, which is practically sweet. Being an angler’s heaven, Talasari doesn’t encounter a lot of visitor surge. There is a solid structure where anglers trap their fishes and sell them in a fish showcase close to the seashore where you can likewise discover cooked chicken, crabs, and fish. You can just stroll over the stream bed or appreciate pontoon rides and elevated tides the elevated tides here.
  • Aside from being an ocean seashore, Talasari likewise is a waterway bank of Subornorekha stream which streams to converge into the Bay of Bengal.

10. Rourkela:

  • Encircled by slopes and streams, the city of Rourkela is situated in the territory of Odisha. Prevalently called as the ‘Steel City of Odisha’ and Ispat Nagar, it is one of the main urban communities of the nation to get marketed for steel creation.
  • Rourkela’s characteristic situating in the lap of nature makes it a unique visitor area for the individuals of close-by zones.
  • Plentiful in minerals, Rourkela has additionally been honored with an assortment of alleviation highlights and regular visitor goals. It additionally holds extraordinary strict noteworthiness because of its unmistakable quality in stories like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

11. TikarPada Wild-Life Sanctuary-:

  • It is a living space of tigers, panthers, spotted deers, 4-horned pronghorns,, gharial. It attempts the way toward reproducing of the Gharial to expand their numbers and give them the correct environment and treatment.
  • While you are here, you get an opportunity to stroke the untainted type of nature, the rich greenery leaves your spirit captivated, and the presence of the wild creatures around leaves your spirit enchanted.
  • Once in awhile booming and some of the time quiet stream Mahanadi renders the open door for fish catching, or to speedboat or waterway boating across it. You can decide to trek or camp in the haven too. It is an ideal goal for the admirers of nature, untamed life, and experience.

12.  Berhampur:

  • It is known as the home of Lord Brahma and is generally known as the silk city-the city which is well known for the brilliant ikkat silk sarees in various hues. Bomokei patta, named after the town Bomokei where incredible work out of metal and metal is made additionally is a fascination in the voyagers here. Other than these wonderful handiworks, handlooms, and jewelry this city offers the absolute best Papads, pickles, and organic products uncommonly mangoes.
  • Individuals here are no place behind the line with regards to the theater, as dramatization and theater is a typical method to engage and teach. Ganjam Kala Parishad and Prakasam Hall are probably the most established lobbies of the city.
  • For theists there and sanctuaries and celebrations composed in the region. This city has much more than can be rattled off. You can decide to slump around seashores. and let the breeze tenderly enters your spirit to murmur the serenades of rapture.

13. Jeypore:

  • Jeypore, likewise spelled Jayepore, is a huge city in the province of Odisha and is celebrated for its new water lakes, cascades, and valleys. Jeypore is home to around 62 associated networks, for example, Gond, Dhruba, Paraja, Koya. Arranged at the southern limit of Odisha, Jeypore is associated with Andhra Pradesh in the south.
  • The city has its notable importance and is the second biggest city after Berhampur of south Odisha. Privately articulated as ‘Joypur’ and the strict importance of Jayepore is ‘City of Victory’. Visiting Jayepore is a much-needed reprieve for travelers who need to take a break from city life.

14. Dhauli:

  • Dhauli is situated on the bank of stream Daya and holds incredible criticalness for the supporters of the master Buddha. Dhauli is supposed to be the observer of the change of Ashoka’s character. This is the territory that is accepted to the land for the Kalinga War in the third century B.C. between the Mauryan Empire drove by Great Ashoka and Kalinga realm. The war was exceptional to the point that it is said that Daya’s water had turned red with the carnage as a result of the slaughter. This additionally prompted a noteworthy change in the convictions of King Ashoka and he inevitably embraced Buddhism. His reactions to this war were recorded in types of Ashoka decrees, which are rock structures with engravings on them.
  • Dhauli has a few significant Ashoka decrees and it is presently a significant community for Buddhism in India. Ashoka fabricated a few Stupas, Chaityas, Pillars around the town and put forth a valiant effort to make a quiet society by helping other people post-war.
  • Dhauli has a lovely Peace Pagoda which pulls in a large number of visitors consistently. Other than Buddhists, Hindus likewise visit Dhauli to visit a portion of the old sanctuaries of extraordinary worship arranged in this excellent town. There are likewise different attractions in Dhauli like stone cut caverns, Sadharma vihar religious community, which would make your visit worth the time.

15.  Rayagada:

  • Rayagada is a region in Odisha with a rich history and an unmistakable culture that has, throughout the years, blended with the neighborhood inborn culture. This region has numerous recorded spots to visit and is known for its cooking, makes and carefully assembled items.
  • Rayagada is one of the most visited regions in Odisha and is situated on the South-Eastern outskirt of the state. This is an up and coming vacationer goal that has not yet been overflowed with travelers yet has all the offices for an agreeable remain. This locale offers thick timberlands, verifiable landmarks, a look into the way of life of innate populaces making it a perfect goal for a wide range of travelers.
  • Rayagada has been occupied since before the Mauryan realm controlled this area and has been a fundamental piece of most domains because of its inexhaustible regular assets.

16. Daringbadi:

  • Daringbadi is a hilly place in Odisha. Concealed a state well known for seashores and sanctuaries, this slope station lies calmly at a height of 3000 feet standing by to be investigated. Packed with pine trees, espresso gardens, and stunning valleys.
  • Daringbadi is known as the “Kashmir of Odisha”. A spot where you can remain in interesting houses amid trees and valleys, the climate is welcoming – beating the warmth in summers and offering snow in the winter. The spot doesn’t just have verdant and thick timberlands, but on the other hand, is abundant in greenery.
  • The best part about this slope station is that you can visit this spot consistently.

17. Chilika Lake:

  • Chilika Lake is the biggest interior saltwater lake in Asia, it is a heaven on earth for feathered creature watchers and nature darlings. The pear-formed lake is spotted with a couple of little islands and has fisheries and salt container around its shore.
  • The Chilika Lake likewise houses the most pleasing biological systems on the planet, which implies that a wide combination of greenery can be spotted here. The lake offers a flashy presentation of a bunch of avian charms in every single assorted shade and hues, extending from the white-bellied ocean falcons to flamingos, and from brilliant plovers to sandpiper
  • Alongside the energetic assortment of feathered creatures: both local and transitory one, the exciting lake additionally offers grand perspectives on dawn and dusk and a large group of different alternatives to look over. Attractions, for example, the Bird Island, Breakfast Island, and Honeymoon Island are additionally frequented by visitors who visit the Chilika Lake.
  • The lake additionally brags of being one of the main two locales on the planet where the jeopardized Irrawaddy dolphins can be spotted. The fair and moderate cabins accessible here are an additional cherry on this effectively awesome cake. Visit this captivating lake to go through a day in nature’s organization and experience quietness more than ever.

18: Hirakud Dam:

  • Built over the Mahanadi River in Sambalpur, Odisha the Hirakud Dam is hailed as the longest human-made dams in India. It is 56km long. Another striking element of the dam is, obviously, the wide span of the view that it offers from the Gandhi and Nehru Minarets that are situated towards the Northern Facade of the dam. It is additionally a phenomenal site for birdwatching as it is encircled by bounteous water and trees on all sides.
  • The dam extends between the Burla and Hirakud Hills. Arranged close to the Hirakud Dam is a slope called Budharaja slope. Devoted to Lord Shiva, this sanctuary offers amazing perspectives on the dam. Another sanctuary which is an unquestionable requirement visit in Hirakud is the Ghanteshwari Temple.

19. Shri Jagannath Puri Temple:

  • Situated in the auspicious town of Puri, the Jagannath Temple or the pride of India was working in the 11th century by King Indradyumna. It is the homestead of Lord Jagannath. It is the most venerated journey site for Hindus and is remembered for the devout Char Dham Yatra with Badrinath, Rameshwaram, and Dwarka. Aside from the primary altar that ascents high, numerous minor sanctuaries inside the mind-boggling will cause you to feel like you have entered God’s home itself.
  • The magnificent design of the Jagannath Puri Temple is somewhat the most beautiful designs ever observed. The 4 entryways are wonderfully structured with perplexing carvings.
  • The flavorful Mahaprasad is something you ought not to miss. In perhaps the biggest kitchen of India, the tasty food is prepared in earthen pots and offered to them.
  • The energetic strict celebrations of the town appeal to sightseers in enormous numbers. The most popular of them is the Rath Yatra celebrated with enthusiasm.

20. UdaiGiri Caves:

  • ‘Udayagiri’ signifies the pile of the dawn. It is also known as ‘Vishnu Padagiri’ signifying “the feet of God Vishnu”. The entry beginning next to give in eight is another one of a kind element of Udayagiri. It comprises of a characteristic gully that runs from east to west of the cavern. Even though the entry has been dependent upon changes, the arrangement of steps cut onto the floor is a noteworthy characteristic of the caverns.
  • The region has significant engravings of the Gupta Dynasty ruled by Chandragupta Maurya. This 50th-century landmark is home to shake covers, petroglyphs, epigraphs, fortresses which are for the most part subject to the ASI.
  • The most noticeable one is the 5th cavern which is renowned for the old fantastic sculpture of Lord Vishnu in his manifestation as the Boar-Headed Varaha protecting Bhudevi (earth).


We expect that the above information may help you in different ways making your trip excellent and memorable.

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