Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is just 30 km away from the Almora. It was started in 1988. It is situated in an area of 47.8 sq km. It is located at a height of 2270 meter. It is located in the hills of Kumauni. The visitors can also view the peak of Kedarnath from this wildlife sanctuary. The aim of the park is to protect and conserve the animals and the forest. The park has the Oak forest at the higher height and the forest of pine trees at the lower height.

This wildlife sanctuary is the home place for many animals including black bear of Himalayas, leopard, jackals, fox and many other animals as well. The park has around 200 different species of birds. The place was earlier used as a base camp by the British people. There are around 5 villages inside the park and 30 villages around its boundary.

It is the best place to visit for the wildlife lovers. The tourists can enjoy various activities including trekking, watching different species of birds, enjoying the beauty of nature, viewing different wild animals and many other things as well. It is the best place for the bird lovers. The bird life international declared this park as an important area for birds.

The tourists can enjoy trekking. They can enjoy the snow covered mountains from all around and the trees of oak. The tourists can do birds photography as there are many migratory birds in the forest. The tourists can also enjoy the safari of jeep and elephant. There are many up and downsides of the forest which looks beautiful. The tourists can visit the zero point for enjoying the beauty of the around mountains. The tourists can also visit the 16th-century Bineshwar Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The best time to visit this park is in the months from February to April and from September to November. The entry fee in the park is Rs 150 for adults and Rs 75 for the students. The opening time of the park is from 7 AM to 6 PM. The entry gate of the park is present in the Ayarpani. The entry fee in the park for the foreigner is Rs 600. The nearest airport is in Pantnagar and railway station is in Kathgodown.

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