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Jodhpur tops the list of Rajasthan explorers and the beauty of India. It is the second biggest city in Rajasthan. Jodhpur is also known by the names of Sun City or Surya Nagari because of the fact it appreciates brilliant sun all the year long. Indeed, even the days in winters are almost sunny here. Additionally, it is also prominent by the names of Blue City in light of the fact that the majority of the houses here are painted blue.

Since the blue color signifies coolness and because the sun shines bright here all the year, so the houses should be chilled off. This is the reason why houses are painted blue because this shade keeps houses cool and comfortable.

It is believed that Rao Jodha established this city on 12 May 1459. So, it can be said that the age of this beautiful place of India is nearly 558 years.  This city got the name from Rao Jodha himself. Prior to this name the land was called Marwar and its families Marwari. It is likewise known for its fabulous relational unions. As of late, numerous big names have picked it for their wedding and birthday festivities.

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