Lal Tibba Mussoorie

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Lal Tibba Mussoorie

Lal Tibba is the highest point located in Mussoorie and is well-known for catching the scenic and thrilling views of the mountain trails along with the other nearby places. An interesting thing about this point is that it is still untouched by the acts of commercialization and it still boasts a British Architecture.

The stunning, unforgettable and highly mesmerizing view that brings the open blue sky and the blooming green terrains together is difficult to explain in words. Also, you can have a view of the Tibet Border while standing at this location. Another major view without which your visit to Lal Tibba would be incomplete is the romantic sunrise and sunset view.

Along with breathing in the fresh air, don’t forget to have a sip of the special tea from the nearby shops as it will let you get completely immersed in the lap of nature. If you are a photography lover, this location offers you an exceptional opportunity to capture the best moments and views in the photos. Summer months, especially from April to June, is the best time to visit Lal Tibba.

Lal Tibba Mussoorie

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