Lotus Temple

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Lotus Temple

East of Nehru place, Lotus temple in Delhi is the beauty of India with lotus bloom and is the remainder of seven Major Bahai’s sanctuaries worked the world over. Finished in 1986 it is set among the lavish green arranged greenhouses. The structure is comprised of immaculate white marble. The structure planner Furiburz Sabha picked the lotus as the image regular to Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Jainism. Disciples of any faith are allowed to visit the sanctuary and implore or ponder.

Around the blossoming petals there are nine pools of water, which illuminate, in common light. It looks fantastic at sunset when it is surge lit.

It is located near Kalkaji Temple, which is also the nearest metro station linked to it.

The structure resembles a half opened Lotus blossom with 27 unsupported “petals” made of marble. The development work took just about 10 years before it at last got shape and was open for normal public. The group involved 800 architects, professionals, specialists and artisans who worked industriously to offer acknowledgment to a standout amongst the most complex buildings on the planet. The sanctuary incorporates the tasteful values alongside the mechanical impact inside the entire structure. There are nine reflecting pools that incorporate the sanctuary from outside. Changing over the geometry of the plan that did not have any straight line to the real structure required a considerable measure of exertion and committed designing.

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