Golden Temple

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The most sacrosanct religious center for Sikhs – The Golden Temple, Amritsar. Situated in Punjab, India, the sanctuary welcomes and is open to individuals of all beliefs. The sanctuary gets the “Golden” in its name from the gold-plated walls and dome, which can be seen from far away as you approach this notable building.

As against the better-known name ‘Golden Temple’, the right name for the sanctuary is ‘Harmandir Sahib’ or ‘Darbar Sahib’. The origination of the sanctuary and additionally its plan is credited to Guru Arjan Dev while the establishment of the sanctuary was set around a Muslim holy person Hazrat Mian Mir Ji of Lahore. This, in any case, is infrequently questioned and a few researchers trust that Guru Arjan Dev himself established the framework of the sanctuary.

Harmandir Sahib is built on a ground lower than the normal surface, just to make it more accessible to the devotees. The temple is open from all the four sides and individual of any religion can enter from any side. Harmandir Sahib was built to break the tradition that only upper caste Hindus are allowed to worship in the temples. Harmandir Sahib allowed people of all grounds of life to come and worship here.

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