The Great Saint Tulsidas

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He is generally referred to as Goswami Tulsidas Ji. He was a great poet. He was a well-renowned philosopher, saint and a very pure soul from ramnandi sampradaya. He is renowned for his devotion towards ” lord Shri ram “.

He has in his account many works in Sanskrit as well as in Awadhi. We all remember tulsidas ji as a great saint because of his great contribution to our Hindu mythology and as the sole writer who translated one of the most sacred book of Hindus ” the Ramayana ” which was originally written in Sanskrit to “the ram charitmanas” it’s translation in Awadhi dialect of Hindi for the normal people to understand and learn from it .

The Great Saint Tulsidas Ji was also acclaimed by many people as the reincarnation of Saint Valmiki who wrote the original Ramayana. He is also the author of Hanuman Chalisa, which is the popular hymn for Hanuman Ji, the God which is said to protect us from all the negative spirits. He is known as the divine devotee of Lord Rama.

Tulsidas Ji is said to be the resident of Varanasi. There is also a ghat on the Ganges River in Varanasi after him known as the tulsi that. The Great Saint Tulsi Das Ji was the founder of the sankatmochan temple of Hanuman Ji in Varanasi. It is said that the temple is located at the site where he had the sight of Hanuman Ji. He is also remembered for starting the Ramlila plays.

There are many tales famous about The Great Saint Tulsidas Ji seeing God or about the way he told people to live life. There is a quote that signifies his simplicity

” Chitrakoot ki ghaat pe
Lagi Santan ki bheed
Tulsi das Chandan ghisae
Tilak karah raghuveer “.

It says that Tulsidas ji was so pure hearted and devoted to his work that even when God came in front of him by changing his attire he was not able to recognize him. Hence, saint Narad was compelled to say these quotes in Tulsi Das Ji’ s ears for him to recognize that the person helping him to Tilak everyone was God himself.

He is remembered as one of the greatest poets and author not only in Indian but In the world literature as well.
The impact his work created on the life of normal people is far more than anyone else. His work impacted our culture, art, and even our society as well.

The Great Saint Tulsidas Ji is also remembered for his contribution in Hindustani classical music also. By the name Tulsidas which literary means the devotee of the basil plant. In Hindus, the tulsi ( basil plant ) is said to be sacred and is even worshiped. According to the Hindu scripture ‘Bhavishyottar Purana, ‘ it is said that Lord Shiva told his wife Parvati that Valmiki Ji, who wrote and sang the glory of Lord Shri ram in vernacular language will incarnate as Tulsidas Ji in the future that is kalyug.

The Great Saint Tulsidas Ji wrote his last composition by the name ” vinaypatrika”. In which he requests lord Shri ram to give him bhakti and accept his petition. His other major works include dohavali, Sahitya Ratna, gitavali, Krishna gitavali, Vinaya Patrika, etc.

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