Amazing facts about Mahabharata

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Mahabharata is one of the grand epics in Indian history. This is regarding the enmity between Pandava and Kauravas, which was the result of the most feared fight, known as the Kurukshetra War. Exactly before the war, Lord Krishna narrated the great Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna.

There are some lesser-known and amazing facts about the Mahabharata that you should know.

1. A world war – Mahabharata

The actual battle wasn’t exactly between Kauravas and Pandavas, other nations including Greece and Rome were also involved in this.

This battle was the result of an extensive demolition and completely ruined the social structure and also put a question on the survival of humanity. However, this was five thousand years ago.

2. Abhimanyu – Not killed by 7 Maharathis of Chakravhyu

It was contemplated that Abhimanyu was killed by the 7 maharathis of a Chakravhyu, however, this is not the entire fact of the matter.

What happened actually was that Abhimanyu killed one of the 7 warriors of Maharathis, who eas the son of Duryodhan. So, the son of Dushasan who was Dharamsan killed Abhimanyu because he was annoyed on him for the death of a Maharathi.

3. Pandu’s knowledge – Pass on and cannibalism

 Father of all the Pandavas, Pandu desired that his sons should eat his flesh after his death so that they can get all the knowledge of their father by transferring it that he had gathered after numerous years. Only one Pandav ate a part, i.e. Sahadeva, he was able to see the coming future when he ate it but he was stopped by God. Well, Sehadeva could see the future and was a granted astrologer.

4. Ekalavya – Cousin of Krishna

It is a very less known amazing fact that Eklavya was the son of Devashrava who was the brother of Vasudeva or Krishna. He got lost somewhere in the woods and Nishada Hiranyadhanu found him. During Rukmini Swayamvar, Eklavya lost his life while protecting his father. Krishna killed him. Krishna blessed him for his brilliant sacrifice of Gurudakshina that he would be soon taking birth again and takes revenge on Drona. The person who killed Drona was Dhristadyumna.

5. Krishna’s potent chariot

The chariot of Krishna was extremely powerful and at one time Krishna told Arjun to get off the chariot when Arjun was done with the war and he got off. The chariot exploded as soon as Arjun got off. It was like a big explosion. And this is the reason why Krishna told Arjun to get off the chariot first.

6. Vedvyas – not a name but a post

 As you all are familiar that Mahabharata is written by Lord Ganesha and composed by Vedvyas. Vedvyas not a name but a post offered to those who attained knowledge of Vedas.

Before Krishnadweepayan, 27 Vedvyas were there. The 28th was Krishnadweepayan who was provided this name as he also had a wheatish color of skin just similar to Lord Krishna and he took birth on an island.

7. The real name of Bhishma Pitamah – Devavrata

The father of Devavrata, Shantanu went for a hunt and fell in love with a local fisherwoman, named Satyavati when Devavrata was a young man. But, the father of Satyavati put a hard condition if front of Shantanu that he would allow his daughter to marry only if her sons became the successors to his kingdom. After this, he came back to his kingdom with a broken heart.

Devavrata could not see his father in this sad state and went to convince Satyavati to marry his father, and offered that he would step aside as the successor. But, she wasn’t convinced. She argued that what if his sons may offer for the throne later even if he steps down. Hence, Devavrata took an oath that he would never marry or reproduce and later came to be called Bhishma and this is one of the amazing facts of Mahabharata.

8. 5 golden arrows – could have killed Pandavas

Bhishma was on the side of Kaurava at the time of war and was summoned by Duryodhana for doing any damage to Pandavas and preferring them. Bhishma got very angry on hearing this and he took 5 gold arrows equipped with mantras.

He pledged that all the Pandavas would lose their lives before the Sunset. And later, Duryodhana felt that Bhisma won’t ever do wrong with them, hence he took the gold arrows with him.

Krishna prompted Arjun that Duryodhana had vowed him of blessing and he must ask him for 5 gold arrows. And when Arjun asked Duryodhana regarding the arrows, then he was surprised and questioned him how did he know regarding these arrows, the Arjun answered “Krishna”.

9. Arjun – Unable to defeat thieves

Arjun is contemplated to be one of the great warriors of all the time. Nevertheless, many people weren’t aware of the wives of Krishna and their kidnapping by robbers because of lust.

Some of them vanished, some resisted, some surrendered and some were saved. This all occurred in the Punjab region.

After the departure of Krishna to Vaikuntha, Arjun was not able to save the wives of Lord Krishna from just robbers. His bow became bulky and failed to remember his mantras. The eight of the wives committed suicide and the other ones were kidnapped by thieves.

10. Sahdev, the youngest Pandava – could see the future

 The youngest brother of Pandava, Sahadev was aware of the future and all the happenings of the Kurukshetra battle. He already knew the result but stayed silent as he was cursed to death if he disclosed anything.

Also, it was claimed that he ate the flesh of his father and attained all his knowledge. Also, it was also mentioned that he was a genius astrologer.

Also, this is one of the amazing facts of Mahabharata because he was already aware of each and everything and he ran towards his mother and brothers to disclose everything when someone stopped him. This, someone, was Krishna. Krishna told him to remain silent and won’t ever tell anyone anything on his own. In addition to his, he needed to reply to every query with a question.

Sahadev wasn’t left with any choice. Well, he was aware of anything and couldn’t disclose a single word to anyone.

Hence, these are the amazing facts of Mahabharata which you might or might not know. All these have something interested in them.

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