Valley of Flowers National Park

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Valley of flowers national park

Valley of Flowers is a stunning and vibrant park situated in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. It is gifted with a diverse range of flora that makes it a perfect picturesque site. There are so many known and unknown varieties of the flowers that you will just be amazed at the first glance. The charming meadows of the flowers that seem unending allure the visitors. Though the region is mainly known for the flora, but some animals can also be spotted here, which include snow leopard, red fox, musk deer, blue sheep and Asian black deer.

Valley of flowers national park

It looks like a canvas of an artist painted with different colors and surrounded by other natural attractions like waterfalls, river, mountain cliffs and snow-beds. All these features make it a must-visit place for those who love photography, trekking, exploring biodiversity and who want to enjoy the charm of nature in the lap of Himalayas.

It has been believed that this park is the place from where the Sanjeevani Booti was collected by Hanuman. Also, as per a local belief the flower valley was inhabited by the fairies. So, if you are interested in experiencing the beauty and charm of this valley, the best time would be from July to September because it blooms to the full during these months.


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