Amazing facts about Ramayana

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Along with the Mahabharata, Ramayana is a significant icon of Hindu mythology. Ramayana is regarding the loyal king Lord Rama and his grand fight in opposition to Ravana to save his wife, Sita.

On the instructions of Sage Narada, this mythology was written by savant Valmiki. This mythology teaches us plenty of teachings regarding karma, dharma, duty towards citizens, devotion to parents, and loyalty. There is no doubt in accepting this fact that the majority of the Hindus know this story since they were young, but there are many amazing facts that one may not know.

Let’s have a look at all these amazing facts about Ramayana –

  1. King Dasharath has performed putra-kamesti Yagya and then Lord Rama was born to him. At the end of the Yagya, a special bowl of the pudding was made, which was given to the wives of Dasharath to feed. As the pudding had some special powers, so this assisted the wives of Dasharath to conceive Ram, Lakshmana, and others.
  2. The gatekeeper and bull of Lord Shiva, Nandi, interrupted Ravana from meeting Lord Shiva when he went to Kailash. Nandi was provoked and annoyed by the behavior of Ravana because he mocked Nandi’s appearance. Nandi damned the kingdom of Ravana to be demolished by monkeys. This doomed out to be a reality when Lanka was burnt by Lord Hanuman and damaged by the Vanara Sena with Rama and the others.
  3. Lakshmana was really a loyal brother to Lord Rama. To protect the safety of Sita and Rama, he would stay awake all the day during the Vanavas. During the expulsion from Ayodhaya, he didn’t sleep for even a single moment in the entire 14 years.
  4. Ravana was a worshipper of Lord Shiva. In reality, he sacrificed his head to impress the Lord. The head actually grew back every time he sacrificed it. This entire thing occurred for ten times until Lord Shiva allowed ten heads to Ravana which marks the 4 Vedas and 6 Shastras that Ravana learned.
  5. We don’t have any knowledge of the elder sister of Rama, Shanta. She was not staying in the palace because she was abandoned by her father, King Dasharath. She was the first child of King Dasharath who King fathered without any problem. However, she was given to the childless couple King Lompad and Queen Vershsini (sister of Queen Kaushalya) as an adoption.
  6. It is an amazing story. We always contemplated that Ravana was an offender. However, he had some good characteristics also. This is said so when Ravana was dying on the battlefield, there comes one amazing point. Lakshmana was told by Lord Rama to go and touch the feet of Ravana and get knowledge from him. Also, his body will be merged with Ravana if he would go. Hence, go and learn that all you can before that occurs.
  7. This is really interesting to keep in mind that the jealousy of Lord Indra doomed Kumbhakaran with this sleeping manner. At one time, when Lord Brahma, asked the 3 brothers, Kumbhakaran, Vibhishan and Ravana to make a desire, Lord Indra thought that Kumbhakaran might ask for the kingdom of Indra. This is the reason why Lord Indra asked Goddess Saraswati to sit on the tough of Kumbhakaran so that he would not ask for his kingdom and he would ask for Nidrasan for his whole lifetime. Lord Indra was victorious in his intentions. However, Lord Brahma changed his command on the request of Ravana. And after this, Kumbhakaran would sleep for 6 months in a year and stay awake for another 6 months. Evidently, Gods can also be jealous.
  8. Ravana organized a Yajana to win over Lord Rama when he was only the one to fight with Lord Rama and all his sena of monkeys. The caution was he could not get up from Yajana. After knowing this, Lord Rama asked for the assistance of Angada, son of Bali to make havoc in the palace of Ravana. Ravana was still focused besides all these things and this made Angada to pull the hair of Mandodari, Ravana’s wife. Initially, Ravana was focused, but when his wife called for assistance, he left the Yajana.
  9. Lord Hanuman was a perfect Brahmachari who didn’t have a wife. He took a pledge of chastity and then, he thought to devote his entire life to the worship of Lord Rama and the fulfillment of Dharma. Makaradwaj was born, son of Hanuman, when the drop of sweat of Hanuman fell into the ocean. Later, by Lord Rama, Makaradwaj was declared as the king of Pataal.
  10. The wife of Lakshmana, Urmila (sister of Sita) slept for both the shares of her and her husband. This is so because; Lakshmana could remain awake during the entire period of exile by protecting Sita and Rama. So, she got awake when Lakshmana was returned to Ayodhaya. So, he is also called ‘Gudakesh’ (who defeated sleep).


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