The significance of Saffron color in Hinduism

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Saffron color in hinduism

Time is the witness that all the things mentioned and done in Hinduism are all scientific. Hindu Saints and sages have always been saying and practicing things that are scientifically true. Saffron color in hinduism symbolizes the Sun god and the Fire. It is well known to us that the sun nourishes everybody with Vitamin D, which is essential for human life and spirit. The fire has been protecting us from the ancient times and drives our life at the present time.

Hindu sages said and wrote what they experienced. We see and experience Saffron color in hindu when we reach Samadhi. When our energy from Muladhara (the root chakra) to Sahashra chakra (the crown chakra) and awaken the entire Kundalini, what we see and experience is Saffron color. It is an incredible and surreal experience. It is this experience that made the Sage who achieved enlightenment, introduce and use Saffron color in daily life and further to Hinduism. Saffron color is now an essential part of the Hinduism.

Saffron color in hinduism represents purity and abstinence resulting in a simple and spiritual life. Saffron color is worn by the saints and ascetics, who denounce this world. Wearing Saffron color disguises us as the messenger of God who introduces and spreads the knowledge. The Saffron color is a mixture of the shades of Mars, Sun, and Jupiter. Mars, that drive the desire for truth or salvation, Sun- it symbolizes freedom with the help of information and Jupiter, the one who dispels it.

Saffron is a mixture of Red and Yellow. Colour red imparts its energy and yellow imparts its happiness to the saffron color. Saffron represents energy, enthusiasm, determination, success, brightness, encouragement and happiness.

It is written and has been proven that wearing saffron has several benefits to our body. Saffron increases the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates the mental activity and hence improves it. It is widely recommended for the young people. Saffron color, being a color of citrus fruits, symbolizes healthy food and stimulates appetite along with digestion. In heraldry, Saffron symbolizes strength and endurance.

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