Keoladeo National Park

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Keoladeo National Park is situated in the State of Rajasthan. It is a critical wintering ground of Palaearctic migratory waterfowl and is eminent for its expansive assembly of non-migratory inhabitant breeding flying creatures. The Keoladeo National Park appeared 250 years prior and was named after the Keoladeo Temple situated in its enclosure. The sanctuary is devoted to Lord Shiva. From 1726 to 1763, Maharaja Suraj Mal was the leader of Bharatpur. He constructed the Ajan Bund at the intersection of Banganga and Gambhir, the two streams of that range. Because of this, the range stayed overwhelmed as it was a major misery. Customarily, since 1850, the maharajas of Bharatpur utilized this stop as a chasing ground and yearly duck-shoots were directed in the respect of British emissaries. It remained a private duck-shooting area of the maharajas of Bharatpur. On 13 March 1976, the territory was marked as a bird sanctuary.

A green untamed life desert spring arranged inside a populated human-commanded scene, about 375 winged creature species and an assorted cluster of other living things have been recorded in this mosaic of fields, forests, forest marshes and wetlands of only 2,873 ha. This ‘Bird Paradise’ was overseen as a duck shooting save toward the end of the nineteenth century. While hunting has stopped and the region pronounced a national park in 1982, its proceeded with presence is subject to a directed water supply from a reservoir outside the boundary of the park.

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