Mansa Devi Temple,Haridwar

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Mansa Devi temple

Mansa Devi Temple is one of the holiest and most visited temples of Haridwar, Uttarakhand . It is a popular religious destination among the pilgrims who want their wishes granted by the God. Even the name of the temple explains its meaning; “Mansa” means desires, so, people visiting this temple have a great faith that they would get anything they want if they pray for it heartedly.

The temple is situated on the Bilwa Hill from where a panoramic view of Haridwar attracts the visitors. The temple has two idols of the Mansa Devi where pilgrims can pay their obeisance. Another thing of major importance in this temple is the holy tree. Devotees, who want their desires to get fulfilled, tie a thread around this tree and after the fulfillment, they visit the temple to untie that thread.

The Mansa Devi Temple is of great importance for the Hindus. Every person, belonging to Hindu religion, has the desire to visit this temple at least once in his life. The temple is open every single day of the year, so, you can visit anytime.

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