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Tripura is a hilly north-eastern state of India which is one of the seven sisters of India. Agartala is the capital of this state. There are 19 tribes living here. The various ethnic groups of this state are Tripuri, Bengali, Manipuri, Reang, Jamatia, Kuki, Munda, Oraon, etc. This place is famous for cane and bamboo handicrafts.

Tea is the major agriculture industry of Tripura which adds to its economy. Major festivals of this place are Kharchi puja, Garia Puja, and Ker festival. Music and Dance is an integral part of the culture here. Goria dance, Jhum dance, Lebang dance, Mosak sulmani dance, etc are some of the folk dance forms here. The languages that are mainly spoken in this region are Bangla and Kokborok.

The state is pollution-free and eco-friendly. The state is full of mesmerizing tourist spots that are a natural charm. The sightseeing in this state will give you a delightful experience. The state enjoys many architectural wonders like Kunjaban and Neermahal Palace. There are several temples here like Kamalasagar Kali and Bhuvaneshwari temple which is visited by people from across the country.

Wildlife attractions are also found here. Many sanctuaries like Gumti wildlife sanctuary, Rowa wildlife sanctuary, etc are home to elephants, bison, migratory birds, and deer. A less known fact is that this state is the most literate state in India with a Literacy rate of 94.65% which might be the result of the fact that this state provides free education to kids up to 14 years of age. This state is the perfect destination for nature-lovers.

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