Gandhi Ghat, Patna

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Gandhi Ghat,Patna

Gandhi Ghat is the name of the bank of the river Ganga or the Ganges situated in Patna, near the National Institute of Technology, Patna, Bihar. First coming to its name, Ghat is a Hindi word which implies bank of a river, and Gandhi is associated with a National leader and leader of the independence movement of India, often termed as Mahatma or the father of the nation – Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. The reason behind the association of his name with the ghat is that his holy ashes were immersed to the river Ganga via this ghat. It is the matter of great luck for this ghat and the people of Patna that they witnessed the act of immersion of the ashes of such a great leader.

The ghat is chiefly known for its religious rituals and the evening Ganga Aarti or the worship of the river Ganges is most famous among all rituals. The ritual started in 2011 and is performed by many priests wearing saffron clothing. A total of 51 number of lamps are lighted in this ritual.

The place attracts tourism by one another thing –the MV Ganga Vihar, a river cruise ship. This ship is operated by BSTDC (Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation). The ship runs a famous onboard restaurant, also called the floating restaurant.

Ganga Vihar got his brother and is accompanied by about, MV Kautilya since 2016. It is for the purpose of tourist rides coming from Ganga ghat and cruises from Gandhi Ghat.

Gandhi Ghat also observes the celebration of a Kite festival across the river. The festival started in 2011 on the occasion of Makar Sankranti and is organized every year since then.

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