Patan Devi temple,Patna

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Patan Devi temple

Patan Devi temple is one of the most ancient and sacred temples of all temples of Patna, Bihar. It is called as Mata Patneshwari. This temple is one of the 51 Siddha ShaktiPithas. It is situated in the capital of Bihar, Patna.

According to Indian Hindu Mythology, Puranic legends, after the demise of goddess Sati, Lord Shiva started Tandav while carrying the corpse of goddess Sati. In order to calm down Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu used his Sudharsana Chakra to cut the right thigh of the corpse of goddess Sati which was fallen here. The temple is believed to be the abode of goddess Durga and was originally called Mata Sarvanand Kari Pataneshwari.

Most of the people believe that the city name was derived from the name of Temple. Some people do not believe this theory and have another theory regarding the name of the city. According to them, the name Patna comes from the word Patan which means a town and Patna was a big place of import and export.

Like many other ritual places, a Mela is also held near the temple on Vijayadashmi. On the Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami or the seventh, eighth and ninth day of Durga Pooja, more than 500 followers come here and gather to make prayers at the temple.

One can easily reach out there from the Patna Bus station. It is just 10 KM away from the Patna junction railway station. Many buses are available and run between this routes. One can also take rickshaws and taxis from Patna, Gulzarbagh and Patna city railway station to reach here.

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