Hindu Religion History

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The Hinduism is the oldest and complex religion in the world. It is the combination of many classes. There is no founder of this religion so it is difficult to provide enough history about Hinduism. It is said that the Hinduism religion starts in between the 1500 BC to 2300 BC. It happens the first time when indo Aryans drifted towards the Indus valley from the central Asia and Russia. The native people of that region have the related language and culture with them. The native people were attacked by the Harappan in 1500 BC. The word Hindu has been derived from the Indus River. The river is older than 5000 years ago. The Aryans and Harappan have the similar religion and languages. The Harappan believes in the purity of richness whereas the Aryans believe in worship, various gods.

The group of Aryans started the caste system which was divided according to the occupation of class. In this system the priest’s class was given to Brahmins, a solider class was given to the Kshatriyas, merchant class was given to the Vaishyas and a Harijans class was given to the Craftsman. The higher class was blessed with a better and blessed life. In 1947, the country India get divided. It is then named as the country of Hindus or Hinduism.

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