Hindu Religion

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Hindus say Ram Ram

One of the oldest religions in India is the Hindu religion. It is the third largest religion in the world. It covers a total of 84 percent of the population in India. It is also famous as the Sanatan Dharma. This religion strongly believes that the spirits of animals and human lives many times on the earth by coming back. The soul of humans comes on the basis of human behavior and in different forms.

It is also believed that if a person has done good work in his previous life that he will be born in a higher class whereas if anyone did bad work in his life than he will be born in a poverty class. According to the Hindus, the salvation can be achieved by following proper rituals, devotion, and knowledge. If a person follows these things that he must achieve the salvation. Some of the most important scriptures of Hindus are Vedas, Puranas, Brahmanas, spirit, and sruti.

The main symbol used by Hindus is Aum or Om. It is also said it is the most suited name for the god. It is also used in Meditation. The Hindu word in the Hindu religion comes from the Indus River. This religion is very much different from the other religions as it doesn’t have any founder. Hindus also believe that every person has an Atma and they also believe in god. The soul of the human being is undying and lives much life. It just transfers from one body to another. There are four main goals in the life of Hindu religion this includes moksha, dharma, artha, and karma. Hindus follow and worship the god Shiva and Vishnu as their true god.

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