Baisakhi Festival

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Baisakhi festival

Every festival celebrated in India has its own importance in the life of human beings. As there are many festivals celebrated in India so it is also named as the land of festivals. One of the most famous festivals in the Punjab state is the Baisakhi. It is celebrated after harvesting the Rabi crop and starting in the new spring year. It is one of the major festivals for the Punjab state.

It was also celebrated to give thanks to the god for giving such a great crop of Rabi. It was celebrated on the same day of the year when the Khalsa Panth cult was founded by the Guru Gobind Singh. It is also celebrated as the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh. It was celebrated in the months of April and May. It is also famous as Vaisakhi.

The festival was mostly celebrated by the Sikh. Both men and women wear new and traditional dresses with ornaments. They do their prayer by visiting in the Gurudwaras. They eat Kada Prasad that is distributed in the Gurudwaras. A large number of Punjabi food items are cooked to make the celebration long lasting. Many people show their dancing performance. The drum beats in an open field and people do Punjabi Bhangra and Gidda and acrobatics.

On this day, all offices, schools, and colleges remain closed in Punjab. Many people even distribute gifts and sweets to other peoples. The companies also offer gifts to their employees. The shopkeepers also provide the discount on various items. So, it is also the time where the maximum shopping of the year is done.

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