Islam Religion

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Islam Religion

The meaning of the Islam religion is to submit itself to the god. It is taken from the Salam word, which means peace. The Islam religion means that God created people to worship him. Every person has their own choice to worship God or not. It is the second famous religion in the world. In 2010 according to the Pew research, there are around 1.6 billion Islam religion people in the world. It is said that there are around 23% people on this earth. The people who follow Islam religion are known as Muslims.

The Islam religion is started by the Muhammad in the 17th century. The Muslims used the word Allah for the god. The people of this religion believe that there is only one Allah. They believe in Kurans, angels, and prophets.

The Islam religion believes that there is only one god, named as Allah. The messenger of God is Muhammad. If any person wants to be in this religion, then he has to state this statement of “La ilaha ill Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah”. The people of Islam religion must have to do the five ritual prayers. The fasting is done at the time of Ramadan. This can be done on the 9th month of the Islamic calendar for the full month. The eating is done only at the time of sunset. This religion also believes in donating money to the charity. The people of this religion believe that everything located in this nature is Muslims including trees, planets, animals etc. Everything in this nature is created by God and all are fulfilling their purpose.

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