Jain Religion, The Most Peaceful Religion

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Jain Religion

The Jain Religion originated from East India. it is the oldest religion which was started in the 6th century. It was founded in the 599-527 BC by the Tirthankara Mahavira. The meaning of the word is the one winning over the world. It was derived from the word Jina. The Jinas are giving more respect as compared to God. The people of these communities are wealthiest and isolated from the other community peoples.

The people of this religion believe in defeating the anger and greed enemies from their inside. They believe in living a peaceful life by getting unattached with the external world. The people of Jainism believe that everything present on this earth has a soul and all have enough potential to achieve the heaven.

The principle of Jainism said that the Jain religion will exist always. The Jainism people didn’t worship any god. They believe that there is no god or creator. There are 4 different gatis including humans, heavenly living beings, hellish living beings, and plants. The following gatis is divided from top to bottom as the Moksha, Devaloka, earth living beings and Naraki. The cycle of birth and death soul can pass through this different gatis. The soul is highly flexible so that it can be easily fit into anybody.

The people of this religion have many restrictions on diet. They are strictly vegetarian and do not even take root vegetables. There are around 10 million Jain religion people living in the world. It is one of the most educated religious communities present in India. It is one of the richest communities living in America. These people believe in treating all the people with respect and don’t harm anyone

They also believe in fasting for the long time period. They donated their food money to needy or poor people. They also help insects from being crushing in their paths by cleaning the pathways by using a broom. They do this barefooted. They don’t even disturb the microorganisms present in the surrounding air. For this, they cover mouth with a cloth.

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