Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is the Nature’s Paradise and the serene landscape of the region can leave you mesmerized. It is the largest north eastern state and the state is covered with evergreen forest. The capital of this state is Itanagar. The state inhabits 26 major tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes.

It is known as the land of the rising sun, through which Brahmaputra river flows. The area is popular for its exquisite landscape, quaint Tibetan culture and massive water resources. The state is home to many Tibetan refugees. Tawang monastery which is 400 years old is situated here which is the second largest Buddhist monastery in India. China claims that they own the state and many speculations have been raised in terms of China’s intentions towards this Indian state.

Orchids of over 500 varieties are found here. The state is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna. Major varieties of big cats like tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard are found here. There are several animals living in the jungles of Arunachal like a white-winged duck, golden cat, and many more. Many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks can be found in the region too. So, if you are a nature lover and if you want to see the nature in its pristine glory than visit Arunachal Pradesh.

Many monuments and archaeological sites make this state a historian’s delight. There are several ancient scriptures which date back to the Mahabharata era. Many temples can be found in the area which makes it a popular pilgrimage site.

Due to the fact that this place is covered 80 percent with forest, makes it the best place to involve yourself in adventure sports like trekking, boating, rafting, angling and many more. Dwell into the scenic beauty of this state and live the tribal culture.

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